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Korean ⌽ German | Bangkok city. "Be someone you would admire."

🏼😬🏼 placing an order with the universe [:PTJ] Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 343

Freestyle swimming has always been my nemesis. I recently started following the Total Immersion (TI) technique and so far progress has been pretty good 🏽 if you share my struggle, you can google Total Immersion (I found it by watching the Tim Ferriss Ted Talk) I hope it helps :) Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 297

@ponytailjournal sparking joy since 2013 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 188

That feeling when the gym is empty Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 443

It was great fun shooting this especially in such good company 😀 Thanks @christopherwadsworth_ph for the amazing photos! Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 204

Good morning tuesday Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 376

A room with a view 🏙 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 198

Found a portal to the Twilight zone. Should I go through it? 🤔 🗺🗝⚱ #discovery Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 200

Two of the best people I've ever met in one picture 📸#dayonehomies #family #throwback Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 331

Cast iron cannonball Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 272

Mowgli comes into the jungle #pandaescape #junglebook Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 280

Traffic jam diaries 🚜 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 383

On to the next one Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 234

Back in the studio 📸 with @rebeccavanhove #teamarea 🏍 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 231

Scanning through years of memories. I love analog journaling and do it daily as part of my morning routine. The system I use is called "Bullet Journal". It's a very simple technique that turns any paper notebook into a powerful productivity tool. What I love most about it is that you don't have to buy a fancy gadget, app or notebook, any pen and paper will do. To learn this technique you can go on Youtube and look for the Bullet Journal video by Ryder Carroll. Happy Journaling 🙂 #bulletjournal #journaling #penandpaper Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 74

All time favorite: The Turkish Getup Today's workout: 100x unbroken single arm swings 10x turkish getup's Try to finish everything in under 15 minutes. #kettlebell #turkishgetup #wod #workout #fitness Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 302

Simple and easy way to make your own almond milk. 2 tbsp raw almond butter 2 medjool dates 2 cups of water Pinch of sea salt I started a new IG account: @15secondsmoothies please follow for more videos like this. Thank you! #15secondsmoothies Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 178

Mango Chia Smoothie: (High in Vitamin A, C and K) Bunch of Kale 3 Mango's 1 TS Chia seeds Water Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 142

Today's sprint training: Alternate between - 30 seconds of ferocious sprinting to save everyone you love from the zombie apocalypse. - 30 to 60 seconds of light jogging or walking. Do 4-5 rounds and finish with a 5-10 minute cool down and stretch. The beauty of sprint training is that it burns A LOT of calories in a very short amount of time. Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 291

They said I could be anything, so I became a right angle... (Shout out to @longyibrothers for this dope mat) Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 250

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