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Korean ⌽ German | Bangkok city. "Be someone you would admire."

Peace out Hong-Kong 🏻️ I had a blast Now off to the Mainland Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 239

One of my favorite views in the world: Hong-Kong's city skyline after dark. When I take it all in I feel both humbled and inspired and all those worries and fears suddenly seem so small and silly in the grand scheme of things. At the end of it all: it's a magical world we live in... 🏻️️ #hongkong #victoriapeak #city #skyline #afterdark Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 221

When IG takes over your life #dirtylikebusiness Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 394

Exploring the iconic cobblestone steps of Pottinger Street. Halloween is huge in Hong-Kong and in the weeks leading up to it you can find the weirdest things to buy here #halloween #hongkong #pottingerstreet Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 214

Dim Sum battle field Undoubtedly the best in the world. Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 116

That backflip though 😯 #breakdancefighting Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 115

After 6 years I'm happy to be back in Hong-Kong. What have I misses the most? Artisinal Burgers! Let's have a feast and celebrate Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 290

I should've returned those Pokémon cards #doubledragon #troubletwins Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 3

New Samsung Note 5 TVC Directed by powerful @genryhenry001 Watch the full clip at Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 234

Getting my morning grind on with kettlebell windmills #GetOnnit Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 384

I love mountains so much, it's a place where nature's peace and the freshness of the winds blow into you. Going to the mountains feels like going home and I always long to get back to them when I have to leave. Here is another photo from our trip to China last month: The vista from the hilltop gave up a jaw dropping view of the Yellow Dragon Temple below. Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 200

Warum liegt hier überhaupt Stroh rum? | Photo by @haruehun_airry Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 326

One of the many reasons why I ️ Thailand 🏻 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 367

When a selfie is not enough... #nextlevelshit Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 295

Photo by @stuartmillerphoto Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 342

Work hard. Nap harder. 😴 #hibernationmode Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 138

Rise and shine beautiful people! ️ This is the view from my balcony. Not long ago my view was a brick wall in front of a tiny 30m² room I stayed in for over 3 years. I feel so blessed to wake up to a view like this every morning now. #Bangkok #Skyporn #BalconyUpgrade #Progress Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 218

All good things come to an end. China I had a blast! A huge thanks to @afurwong for this amazing trip and to @yukitastic aka Tuki and @splendid_palette for being such great travel buddies 🏻️ #ontothenextone Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 276

One more epic landscape before wrapping up this trip Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 207

I think he found something | Trying out the ancient way of ear cleaning in Chengdu, China. I'm always happiest when I try something new for the first time and getting my ears cleaned with a deluxe set of dentist-like instruments and surgical precision was definitely a first It gives you a whole new feeling of being alive The best part was when the ear-picking artisan inserted a bamboo stick with down feathers and then snapped a tuning fork gently against the stick, causing the feathers to vibrate inside the ear canal. - Ggggnnaahhhh!!! | #chengdu #china #earbizz Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 261

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