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Korean ⌽ German | Bangkok city. "Be someone you would admire."

I ️ wearing longyis. It's a traditional garment from Myanmar and it beats out pants in both comfort and air circulation in the nether regions for the ultimate comfort, you can go completely commando if you like, just be sure to tuck it in securely before stepping out in your daring new look #longyilife #beach #kohsamui #Thailand Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 436

Wow! Such hammock. So relax. #hammocklife Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 238

Cowabunga! 🏻 Thanks @christopherwadsworth_ph @elenapacienza @linininsta @gwest79 and @anantara_hotels for an amazing time! #beachvibes #Thailand #kohsamui #paddleboarding Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 384

🏻️🏻 I'm in heaven | #Koh Samui #Thailand #breakfastofchampions Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 287

Nothing can beat the comfort of a longyi. It's also hugely practical and has become the no.1 most useful item to take with me everywhere I go. #longyilife Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 439

Find me on snapchat: happy.danny or screenshot to add by snapcode. I'm still new to this so bear with me. Embarrassing things to come Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 146

Many thanks @afurwong for this epic journey and for the chance to be part of your wonderful photo series "The Neverland". Gracie mille! Photography: Wong Afur Stylist & Wardrobe: Leslie Yong Hair & Makeup: Thippawan Tob Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 152

The dark side of the force | photo by powerful @afurwong | #sithlord #starwars Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 265

From one generation to the next 🏼 Photo by @adamgnych #muaythai #bangkok Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 286

The world looks better #upsidedown 🙃🙃🙃 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 441

🏻🇭🇰 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 367

Autumn leaves From the last day in Xinjiang. Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 267

I'm so grateful for all the amazing things I get to experience through my job: first time freediving in open water all dressed up in a suit with leather shoes, no goggles and a 5kg weight belt attached to my hips . Thanks to the great team of rescue divers in the background I always felt safe. Photo by @jalurkanan | #onebreathonedive #freediving #indonesia Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 189

Thank you my brother @jalurkanan for sharing your knowledge and skill with me! Ozy is a freediver and after spending just 20 minutes with him he helped me almost double the time I can hold my breath under water in static apnea from 1:30 min to 2:54 min just by teaching me very simple breathing patterns. I never thought this was possible. There are some incredible things you can do with your body when you consciously control your breath. I use it to reduce anxiety when I get nervous, lower my heart rate or to recover quicker from illness. I believe the most neglected areas in modern societies that yield the greatest benefits are the training of the mind and breath. For example Wim Hof @iceman_hof (a dutch adventurer) holds more than 20 world records: In 2007, he climbed past the “death zone” altitude on Mount Everest (~7,500 meters) wearing nothing but shorts. In 2011, he ran a full marathon in the Namib Desert without water. In the same year, he was injected with toxins under doctor supervision and demonstrated that he could effectively control his autonomic immune response. How did he do it? According to him he does it by solely using his meditation and breathing techniques. If you want to learn more about breathing you can google: Wim Hof Method, Pranayama breathing, russian breathing ladder or box breathing. #onebreathonedive #satumafas #manado #indonesia #freediving Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 348

Morning view from wonderful #Manado, #Indonesia Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 123

Hello from Bunaken, Indonesia 🏻 Home to the clearest, bluest water I've seen Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 398

Flying Lotus pose. Hold this for 5 seconds to increase levitation strength. #trainsmart #sportscience Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 314

Scored some raw unfiltered mountain honey from one of the many beekeepers here in Xinjiang. #beevomit #xinjiang #china #honey #beekeeper Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 154

Note to myself: don't wear a suit in the desert ️ #lifelessons from #xinjiang #china Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 411

Greetings from above the #clouds Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 113

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