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Korean ⌽ German | Bangkok city. "Be someone you would admire."

Castles and the sky Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 299

After hours of trekking we finally got up to over 3600 meters above sea level. Every step took its toll at this height and a few of us started to struggle with altitude sickness. It was worth the effort though because we got rewarded with this absolutely stunning view of the 5-color-ponds 五彩池 leading to an ancient temple surrounded by a virgin forest 黃龍古寺. The price was a night of intense headaches and nausea still worth it though | Huanglong, China. Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 175

Happy that I had the lucky chance to work with a truly incredible photographer who captured some of the most epic nature and underwater pictures I've ever seen! Check out @jemcresswell and tune in to a world of humpback whales, rolling thunder clouds, sharks and tropical paradises Gracias! Jem & @____flipp Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 242

Kiss the sky ️ | Jiuzhaigou 九寨沟 valley at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 312

I'm still blown away by this truly breath-taking view of the emerald ponds at the Huanglong UNESCO World Heritage Site 黄龙景区. It felt like walking through a desktop wallpaper: snow-topped mountains, beautiful valleys, virgin forests and thousands of crystal clear mineral ponds and lakes. A true feast for the eyes and it made me wonder why we live in cities. The colorful pools are formed by calcium carbonate deposits and even change color throughout the season. It was hands-down one of the most beautiful things I've seen with my naked eyes. Damn nature Y U so beautiful? 🌲 | photo by @yukitastic Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 245

Reins of the white riding Yak | found a new friend on our way to Jiuzhaigou 九寨沟 nature reserve close to the Tibetan border. Looks like I have a new favorite animal now, sorry panda... Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 116

Ready for take-off 🇹🇭 | The view out of the airplane window reminds me of #SuperMarioKart Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 294

Cebu I miss you 🏻 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 198

Reached the last leg of the personal trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I've been working on new training methods and programming systems for the past months that I've been test driving on my friends and the results have been amazing. I'm more than happy to share it with you guys. Just drop me an email at if you need help reaching your fitness goals. Happy Sunday guys! D Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 470

When bae comes over but you are sick as f**k @brunaasilv | watch the full clip at Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 238

Another day another #HulkLoad Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 173

When you are at work and there's a broom lying around. #quidditch time! | Photo by @emmatallos Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 411

One more pic by the homie @jy.u Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 271

Excited to read the new Tony Robbins book. Always full of great quotes and life changing advice. The first time I got introduced to his work was in 2011 after watching an amazing TED Talk by him which led me to pick up a copy of his book "Awaken The Giant Within". People can say what they want about this guy but his work has helped me discover my path, map out a mission and make big improvements in every area of my life. The three books that had the biggest impact on me that I cannot recommend enough are "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins and "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey. To those souls who will never settle for less than they can be, do, share, and give... Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 149

Photo by @jy.u Stylist: @janurky Makeup: @sashap_mua Wardrobe: Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 149

Getting some work in today @thebodytec | It's my first time using electronic muscle stimulation and while the workout itself isn't very challenging, the soreness after is absolutely brutal. The idea is that you can wrap up 4 hours worth of traditional resistance training in 20 minutes (allegedly). What I really like about it is that 90% of your muscles are activated with each contraction and it really hits those deeper muscle groups that are harder to train (hence the soreness). I think it's not a substitute for old school weight training but definitely an amazing supplement once a week. If you are in the Thong Lo area in Bangkok, hit up the guys at thebodytec for a free trial. I'm not affiliated with them, I just think it's something worth checking out. | Thanks @ysw84 for introducing me to this 🏻 | #newschool #scifiworkout #germanengineering Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 148

"Smile but don't smile" | Team 🇨🇭 | #shybutconfident Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 192

4pm: time for breakfast. Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 188

Karma #01 by @jy.u Shot in one of my favorite spots in Bangkok @karmakamet Stylist: @janurky Makeup: @sashap_mua Wardrobe: Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 346

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