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Korean ⌽ German | Bangkok city. "Be someone you would admire."

Photo by the homie @jy.u Make up by @pk_makeup_artist Happy Sunday everybody! 🏻️😬 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 385

Rolling for Thai Airways /w @antheatheresamurfet Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 303

UFC 189: Can't wait for this one! | repost @thenotoriousmma #TeamConor Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 182

김치 불고기 TACOS! #kimchiismyhothotsex Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 193

#mycalvins | Taking a moment to say THANK YOU to my brotha @jy.u and for the opportunity to team up for this shoot. A truly amazing photographer. Head over to @jy.u to check out his brand new IG account 🏻 | Also big thanks to @pk_makeup_artist for the face tune and @ziannazainal for making this happen! Much love you guys 🏻️ Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 516

Panda buddies @centralembassy rainbow city | #dancing #panda Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 396

Definitely the first time in my life that I've received change like this Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 224

I'm super grateful to have had the opportunity to stay at this amazing resort for the last few days and work with a truly incredible team. Big thanks to everyone @____flipp for making this intergalactic and all the staff @intercontinental for the awesome service 🏻️ | now it's back to the mothership: Bangkok city nice and pretty #intercontinentalsamui #kohsamui #goingthedistance Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 145

Thunder in Paradise Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 233

Watching a huge rain cloud with downpour looming closer and closer before a heavy storm hit us ️ | #intercontinentalsamui #infinitypool #storm Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 341

Home for the next three days. Couldn't be happier | #intercontinental | #kohsamui Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 465

Just found this beauty. 'Momentum' is a free Chrome extension and it's fu#&ing awesome it replaces your boring tab page with epic landscapes and helps you stay focused on whats most important to you throughout the day. Super simple but effective. #thatsthewayilikeit Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 222

My new body goal a 200 pound buff kangaroo that crushes metal buckets with its bare paws. Meet Roger 🏻🏻 | #rippedmaxshred #kangaroopower #kangaroomegadelts Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 268

Salad game = strong| #smokedsalmon #salad Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 267

U wot m8? | #TVC for @taotihk Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 279

🏻️🏻️ Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 415

Going dapper w/ @marchellav for @anantara_hotels | Photo by @christopherwadsworth_ph | Thanks @supa_taw for the pic 🏻 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 336

Another day, another #smoothie to get the party started 🏻 Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 285

#KungFury premieres in 4 hours worldwide on Youtube. I'm so stoked for this movie 🏻🏻 David Hasselhoff - Time Travel - Dinosaurs - Vikings - a cop from the future - Kung-Fu Nazis. The 80s are back! 😎 | #repost @laserunicorns Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 199

My morning nutrient blast: 1 pear 2 bananas 2 cups of water A large bunch of kale (Simple & delicious. I've tried just about every fruit/kale combination out there to make it taste good. This is it!) Toss it into a blender and you've got concentrated sunlight energy ready to go into your bloodstream. Choke it down, knock out your morning and come out swinging! 🏻 | Big thanks to @yukitchen_ Instagram ดารา @happy_danny 261

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