@happy_danny : Getting some work in today @thebodytec | It's my first time using electronic muscle stimulation and while the workout itself isn't very challenging, the soreness after is absolutely brutal. The idea is that you can wrap up 4 hours worth of traditional resistance training in 20 minutes (allegedly). What I really like about it is that 90% of your muscles are activated with each contraction and it really hits those deeper muscle groups that are harder to train (hence the soreness). I think it's not a substitute for old school weight training but definitely an amazing supplement once a week. If you are in the Thong Lo area in Bangkok, hit up the guys at thebodytec for a free trial. I'm not affiliated with them, I just think it's something worth checking out. | Thanks @ysw84 for introducing me to this 🏻 | #newschool #scifiworkout #germanengineering
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