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Buddy, Boo, & Blue take on the world! We are here to smother all with cuddles and kisses! ️ (️:

why making the bed is nearly impossible for human sometimes. #productivitykiller Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,718

celebrating human's birthday ... although we really don't know what's so happy about a birthday where we're not allowed to eat the cake. #hardlife #b3misfits #blondemafia Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,029

brotherhood. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,299

home within a home. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,532

hope everyone had a great long weekend! xoxo from buddy, boo, blue, and the cone of shame. ️ #b3misfits #blondemafia Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,041

squishies. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,650

it's been a rough couple days for our brave little bluebeary who got bit by a neighborhood dog over the weekend. (watch your puppies, friends!) but he's been very brave, and got his very cool bandages removed today. stitches come out in a week and a half! doctors say he's doing great! #bluebearypie #superpup Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 1,894

wind in our hair, monday in our face. #monday Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 633

human is starting to make me carry my own treats. i'm going to have to have a talk with her about her newfound apathy towards making my life as easy as possible. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,656

boolander school of bluebeary steel: class of 2015. #b3misfits #blondemafia Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,480

this creature has proven to be a worthy opponent. i shall concede to its fluffy goodness. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,588

friends & pjs. #bluebearypie Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,248

happy mother's day to all the amazing moms (and amazing single dads!) out there! xoxo buddy, boo, & blue. #b3misfits #mothersday Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,631

sulky saturdays. #bluebearypie Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,636

the pupvengers ... coming to a sofa near you. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,755

i think someone may have taken over my title as biggest dome in the home. (but i think pound for pound i still win.) #b3misfits Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 9,124

one round of baths and haircuts, please. #b3misfits #blondemafia #monday Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 10,432

week conquered! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,827

secret to youthfulness: a forever sense of wonder Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,117

sometimes words are not needed. #monday Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 429

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