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Buddy Boo

Buddy, Boo, & Blue take on the world! We are here to smother all with cuddles and kisses! ️ (️:

fancy pants friday (minus the pants)! even pups occasionally have very special events to dress up for :) #flashbackfriday #fancypants Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 9,136

boo fact of the day: i poop flower petals. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 10,685

sun fueled dog-bots. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,345

2014 taxes paid! time to get a job so 2015 doesn't feel left out. these cookies don't pay for themselves. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,663

i put on my best shoes to go pay my taxes today, but even uncle sam can't get me in a pair of pants on #nakedwednesday. #taxday Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,791

so far i've gotten myself to venture out this far. not bad for a tuesday. #smallsteps Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,178

claiming territory. #bluebearypie Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,612

last day of the weekend already?? taking a stand against injustice: i'm giving y'all the day off tomorrow. you can tell your boss that boo said so. #threedayweekendsforall Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 1,888

divo in training. #bluebearypie Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,763

looks like the new guy has found himself a pillow 😕 Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,935

don't mess with us. #b3misfits #blondemafia Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 10,002

buddy's teaching me how to put on a good game face. not gonna lie ... i may need a few more lessons. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,804

i'm a theme on @weatherpuppy! you can download the app for iphone or android and click on the paw to find me as an in-app upgrade. :) Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,221

chasing squirrels in our dreams ... paw in paw, of course. #doubletrouble Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,151

happy easter from the easter buddy! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 483

️ to my two bffs. #buddyismyfriend #bluebearypie Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 1,031

weekend? is that you?? Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,862

human promised us a "little" brother. we feel tricked. #foolmeonce Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,772

buddy and i are teaching the new guy the ropes around our backyard shenanigans. we are pleased with his mischief learning curve. #b3misfits Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,219

my birthday fundraiser for Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford ends tonight! it was so much fun turning 9 with all my friends this year. as promised, buddy, blue, and i donated $9k for my 9 years bringing the current total from $9,752 to $18,752! thank you so much for all who donated so generously, and for those that want to make any last minute donations, you can do so via the link in my profile. we are feeling so much warm fuzzies :) Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,088

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