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Buddy Boo

Buddy, Boo, & Blue take on the world! We are here to smother all with cuddles and kisses! ️ (️:

a good hair appointment always lifts our spirits. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,923

anything out there worth coming out of hibernation for? Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,445

spent a very relaxing (and hot!) weekend in wine country. (ps: dear @bardessonohotel thank you for our lovely stay. please feel free to send human a bill for the dog bed you so kindly provided that blue snacked on throughout the last couple days. he says the foam stuffing was very delicious.) Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,776

had to send my representative to the amazing @taylorswift #1989worldtour concert last night. human and i still haven't figured out the whole smuggling puppies into concerts thing. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,651

had to do it. know your roots. 😎#straightoutta Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,598

follow your dreams! go get that cookie! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,678

don't mess. #blondemafia #b3misfits Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,161

telling the new week who's boss. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,420

taking a little time out of my day to thank the hair gods. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,604

monday hibernation continues. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 9,011

here's to finding joy in the little things. happy saturday, friends! #bluebearypie #bubblyfun Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,498

we take our #weekend seriously. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,921

i believe it is almost weekend ... and i'm ok with that. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,143

we come demanding snacks. #b3misfits #blondemafia Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,713

blue cheese. #bluebearypie Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,777

perks of being a pup: clothes optional; sunnies sufficient. [photo credit: @thegracechon] Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 10,102

#bluebearypie: 1; lamb chop: 0. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,760

#furryfridayfun Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,650

#tbt to that time buddy and i battled it out with wind ... and lost. #losethebattle #winthewar Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,195

i'll give you half a smile now and the other half when my breakfast bloat subsides. #foodcoma Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,283

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