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Buddy Boo

Buddy, Boo, & Blue take on the world! We are here to smother all with cuddles and kisses! ️ (️:

we like to make human pull over on the side of the road so we can pee. our goal is to leave our mark in all 50 states. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,571

happy #4thofjuly to the red, white, and BLUE! #bluebearypie Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,163

fed-up face. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,903

nude beach day! #b3misfits #blondemafia #swimsuitsoptional Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,110

can't. keep. eyes. open. #monday Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,091

did someone say it was #nationalsunglassesday?? // photo cred: the amazingly talented @thegracechon Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 1,597

happy weekend! wishing everyone a time of food, friends, fun, and fluff! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,842

i've been told that my head has its own gravitational pull. we're working on directing it towards cookies. and maybe some beef jerky while we're at it. #pinkyandthebrain Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,088

chowing down on buddy's birthday dinner a couple nights ago. #nom Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 25

i would like to wish the most happiest of birthdays to my partner in crime, bodyguard, and joy-maker, prince buddy! a dozen years have never looked better in anyone! we ️ you, buddy!!! here's to a dozen more! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 9,235

the #b3misfits are ready for some crazy weekend napping! #blondemafia #weekend Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,102

checking out crater lake last week on our way up to portland. it was so beautiful that it looked like a painting! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,696

good-bye, portland! we're sad to be leaving you so soon, but we'll be back! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,363

progress on the funmobile! hello, portland! #b3misfits #blondemafia #roadtrip Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,069

road trippin' continued. halfway there! #b3misfits #blondemafia #b3adventures #roadtrip Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,644

road trippin'! can anyone guess our next destination?? #roadtrip #b3adventures Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,510

belated photo for #nationalbestfriendday. (note: this photo is a few weeks old, and blue is fully recovered and cone-free!) Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,522

that time blue realized his bone had been stolen and knew that he stood no chance against his much smaller but much fiercer rival. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 1,657

happy #nationaldonutday!!! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,547

some monsters hide under your bed; some eat your bed. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 11,196

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