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Buddy Boo

Buddy, Boo, & Blue take on the world! We are here to smother all with cuddles and kisses! ️ (️:

the second best part of our christmas every year (next to family time)? ... a chicken feast in our jingle bell collars. bluebeary pie picked up the tradition like a pro! #b3misfits #blondemafia #christmas2015 Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,343

merriest christmas, happy holidays, and cheers to an incredible 2016 full of new adventures! thank you so much for letting us share a little bit of our puppy lives with you year after year ️ xoxo buddy, boo, & bluebeary pie #b3misfits #blondemafia #christmas2015 Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,066

not so sure about all the city sounds of new york ... but i think a cookie will help. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 7,147

the sleep council is now in session. unless food is involved, do not disturb. #blondemafia #b3misfits Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,139

i'm in a game! you can download and play my game, spot the difference, at enjoy!! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 1,535

staying warm with a little exercise! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,430

happy 1 year to our bluebeary pie! you put the "misfit" in #b3misfits. we love you so much! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,439

#mondaynofunday Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,669

soaking in some rays on this cold day from the warmth of the indoors. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 550

when life is less than a walk in the park, give yourself a break to take a walk in the park! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 2,355

happy halloween from the haughty gentleman, the cranky fairy, and the chubby pumpkin (that's me!)!!! #b3misfits #blondemafia #halloween Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 8,042

up to no good ... otherwise known as fun times ahead! Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,417

#PeanutsAtTarget!!! having a deep conversation with my friend snoopy about his decision to cast bullseye as himself in target's commercial. you may have heard of him ... he's a pretty big deal. can't wait for human to sneak me into the theaters when the movie comes out! #TargetPartner Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,207

whoever tries to make me move gets a pillow paw to the face. you've been warned. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,679

'tude. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,118

pinky & the brain. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 3,630

big dome, bigger dome. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 5,789

not being annoying at all by waking up big brother to play 😛 #youngestchildsyndrome Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 6,662

puff 1 & puff 2 on the lookout. nothing gets past us. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,719

snoozy tuesday. Instagram @buddyboowaggytails 4,357

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