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Lawrence Wong

a cat's life. men's folio ambassador. twitter/snapchat: ohohlawrence facebook: lawrencewongofficialpage

in the mood for autumn. @denimandsupplyrl #denimandsupplyrl Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,196

recording my first Malay song. stay tune! Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,964

没事,小宝会一直陪着你。 #张家宝 #小宝 #洪金枝 #118sg Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,379

just smile. #disneysea #japan #LWtraveldiary Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 892

I wish you bluebirds in the spring To give your heart a song to sing And than a kiss But more than this I wish you love. #japan #LWtraveldiary Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,663

#星月传奇 #starsandcrescentmoon Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,759

这一生中,总有一方土地让你翘首眺望,总有一处风景让你魂牵梦萦。愿那处风景是我。 run away with me. #星月传奇 #starsandcrescentmoon Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,484

don't forget to catch Ben in #zerocalling2 tonight 9.30pm on @mediacorpch5! #zerocallingch5 Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 4,150

忘不掉的是回忆,继续的是生活,错过的,就当是路过。 memories is what kills you, and forces you to live on at the same time. #tokyo #LWtraveldiary Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,347

也许某一天,你我擦肩而过,我会停下脚步,告诉自己,那个人我曾经深爱过。 maybe one day when we come across each other again, I'll halt and tell myself, I once loved that person deeply. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,088

repost from @mr.yiuyiu. thanks for the unicorn. #LWfanart Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,560

Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,497

double trouble. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,130

戴勉恩。 #星月传奇 #starsandcrescentmoon Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 802

it's been a year since you left. daddy has never stopped missing you... @eskybaby Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,423

ben is back! 🏻 tonight 9:30pm, singapore's channel 5. don't forget to watch Zero Calling 2. #zerocalling2 #zerocallingch5 #mediacorpch5 Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,621

ESQUIRE April 2015. #LWmagazineshoots #LWmediacoverage Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,645

just had my much needed massage at Huang Ah Mah - The Oriental Spa Chamber. they open till 3am! wheee! Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,076

to my Thai fans, which Thai phrase would you prefer Ron to say in @rabsabmyboss? head to 🏻 and vote! #true4u #yessirmyboss Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,806

别低头,王冠会掉,别哭泣,坏人会笑,别抽啼,爸妈会疼。好好的过你的生活,哪有时间患得患失,哪有时间猜东猜西,哪有时间揣摩别人,你若盛开,蝴蝶自来,你若精彩,天自安排 。 don't bow down, your crown will drop. don't cry, your parents will be heartbroken. lead your life good, there's no time to dwell over your losses, no time to second guess yourself, no time trying to fathom others. if you bloom, the butterflies will come, if you are well, the universe will align. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,751

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