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Lawrence Wong

a cat's life. men's folio ambassador. twitter/snapchat: ohohlawrence facebook: lawrencewongofficialpage

@rabsabmyboss new episode coming soon. #yessirmyboss #true4u @true4utv Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,815

虽然有人会觉得我的外形演 ah beng 会没有说服力,不过 “小宝” 一路来还是得到了很多鼓励!谢谢你们!️ thanks for the encouragement! #118sg #小宝 #张家宝 #LWmediacoverage Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,899

i'm gonna eat you! Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,553

L'OFFICIEL 8th Anniversary March'15 issue. Happy Anniversary @lofficielsingapore! so proud of you guys! Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,625

@eskybaby when he was a kitten. it's been nearly a year since he passed away but I still miss him so so so so much. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,628

有时候,我们就像鱼缸里的鱼,想说的很多,一开口就化成了一串省略号,最后都默默的留在了心里。 sometimes we're like the fishes in the tank; a lot to express but once we open our mouths, they become bubbles and dissipates away, our words remaining buried deep within our hearts forever. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,079

who wants my sweaty towel over their head? @rabsabmyboss #yessirmyboss #true4u Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,720

thank you to a very talented friend. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,446

repost from @lawrencewongth. my thailand instagrammers, did you catch the 2nd episode of my thai sitcom, "Yes Sir, My Boss!" just now? if you are not in thailand, you can watch it online at OR True4U youtube OR download the True4U app. #yessirmyboss #true4u Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,723

walking my pet sharks. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 4,437

when I grow up, I wanna be happy and carefree like the fishes. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,535

thank you for my very own lawrence pancake. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,953

while waiting for next scene. #118sg #张家宝 #小宝 Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,463

repost from @theloyalistclub. don't forget to continue watching "118" at 7:30pm on Singapore's channel 8! 小宝,真的蛮可怜的。用情深,可是没得回报。一次又一次的失望。 #118sg #张家宝 #小宝 Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,420

feb'15 magazine features. #cittabella #femalemagazine #newtide #LWmediacoverage #LWmagazineshoots Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,109

避免失望的最好办法,就是不寄希望于任何人、任何事。 the best way to avoid disappointments is to manage your expectations in people and things. #zerocalling2 #zerocallingch5 #mediacorpch5 Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,464

不怨恨,不拿自己和别人比较,再小都没关系,不生气,不能对别人生气,现在我的生活,全都是我自己的责任。 don't hate, don't compare no matter how small, don't be angry, you are responsible for your own life. wearing and loving my new Levi's 2015 Chinese New Year Edition jeans. #LevisCNYCollection #LiveItUpMY #LiveInLevisMY #501CT #活出趣 Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,511

good moments. bad moments. we remember. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,970

report from @lawrencewongth. catch the first episode of my thai drama @rabsabmyboss tonight at 8:45pm BKK time on @true4utv! if you are not in thailand, you can watch it online at or True4U youtube. #yessirmyboss #true4u Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 872

🐏💷💶 发大财! tap for sound, like it and you will earn big money in 2015. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,883

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