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a cat's life. men's folio ambassador. twitter/snapchat: ohohlawrence facebook: lawrencewongofficialpage

on the last hour of my birthday, just wanna give a big hug to all who remembered and wished me well. also wanna remind myself to plant my own seeds if I want flowers and to fertilize my own soul; to always live with passion and positivity and to stay true to myself regardless of what others say. happy birthday to me. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,241

see you #beijing! will be back soon! 🏻️ Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,667

having fun with the beast mask function found in the @coach app! check out the app to view the latest COACH WILD BEAST collection too! #MyWildBeast | #CoachMalaysia Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,099

writing postcards with iconic Singapore landmarks to overseas friends with my new Montblanc Meisterstuck pen! you can win your own Montblanc writing instrument too! from now till 16th August, 1) take and post a photo that best represents Singapore together with a Montblanc product or anything related to Montblanc, 2) think of a creative caption for the photo, 3) hastag #montblancsg50 and tag @MontblancSG50! Montblanc will pick 3 lucky winners. contest is only open to residents in Singapore. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,218

my latest cover, NewMan August'15, go buy! #NewManMY | #LWmagazineshoots | #LWmediacoverage Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,239

my #FerragamoEscape. #SalvatoreFerragamo | #ManStory | #FerragamoMy Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,395

breakfast with tiffany and me. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,531

Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,086

# Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 4,025

missing this. #japan | #LWtraveldiary Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,515

🏻 repost from @ferragamo. #ManStory | Jet set with actor #LawrenceWong and celebrate his #FerragamoEscape in #KualaLumpur at Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,658

Coach KLCC's new Modern Luxury Concept store is open! It's both luxury and homely at the same time! Stay tuned for more exciting updates ahead. @coach | #CoachKLCC | #CoachMalaysia Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,243

. I don't trust words. I trust actions. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 758

goodnight. xx Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,100

if only everyday is like this. @ohohcoconut | #ohohcoconut Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,787

😎 sunday is good. life is good. . Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,230

thrilled to be part of #SalvatoreFerragamo drivers MTO global project! #FerragamoEscape | #ManStory | #FerragamoMy Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,798

3 days, 6 magazines. done! ️ bye, time to head home. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,139

citta bella july'15 cover story. #LWmagazineshoots | #LWmediacoverage Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,514

looking at people lie when you know the truth is fun. citta bella july'15 cover story. #LWmagazineshoots | #LWmediacoverage Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,761

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