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I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur. I eat rainbows and poop butterflies. Wife = @hachithecat Dad's blog :

Thank you all for your love and support in 2015! 🏽🏼 Lets bring 2016 to the next level! Happy new year! Love you all #2015bestnine Instagram @rokuthecat 3,394

Chillin' innit! Instagram @rokuthecat 5,121

As the end of the year is coming closer, my parents are very very busy as usual. Sorry for the lack of updates, but as always, I'll make up to you. ASAP! Love you all ️ #imonmythrone Instagram @rokuthecat 2,610

Lick here? Oh ok. Instagram @rokuthecat 1,217

Here to work dad? I dun think soooooooo Instagram @rokuthecat 7,124

I'll be right here if you need me. Instagram @rokuthecat 3,275

Dad's not here, time to go out and playyyyyy ... eh oh stuck stuck dadddd helppp!! 😦 Instagram @rokuthecat 5,195

Instagram @rokuthecat 2,397

Please click me like you click your mouse dad? 😕 Instagram @rokuthecat 3,318

My last move to stop you from working and play with mehhh 😑 Instagram @rokuthecat 344

Long day son. Instagram @rokuthecat 6,596

Meanwhile in the kids room Instagram @rokuthecat 3,545

Hai! I'm not chubby, I'm fluffy! Move along! Instagram @rokuthecat 4,347

All I want for xmas Instagram @rokuthecat 1,836

One, two, three anddddddddd four. 🙄 Instagram @rokuthecat 5,985

"L" is for the way you look at me Instagram @rokuthecat 3,400

Err dad, I think he needs a doctor? Instagram @rokuthecat 3,447

Stick! Gimme! No wait itch! Instagram @rokuthecat 4,020

Story time! Instagram @rokuthecat 6,875

Instagram @rokuthecat 4,335

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