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I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur. I eat rainbows and poop butterflies. Wife = @hachithecat Dad's blog :

1/4 Grandchild Instagram @rokuthecat 5,520

Are we there yet? Instagram @rokuthecat 6,650

Rock solid ya'll Instagram @rokuthecat 4,314

Sunday vibe Instagram @rokuthecat 6,393

Saturday night vibe. Instagram @rokuthecat 2,495

Grandchidren update Instagram @rokuthecat 4,086

Beam me up Scotty! Instagram @rokuthecat 4,988

You mind? We are havin' a convo! 😕 Instagram @rokuthecat 4,308

Sunday innit mate! Instagram @rokuthecat 5,865

Say hello to my grand childrens peeps! Instagram @rokuthecat 3,528

😛 Instagram @rokuthecat 1,175

Stay weird 😬 Instagram @rokuthecat 2,261

Chill brother chill ... Instagram @rokuthecat 4,809

You smell like candy, come here you Instagram @rokuthecat 291

คริคริ Instagram @rokuthecat 7,571

Double vision? Not! My clone is here!! Woohoo!! Now I can be in two places at once. A lot of you inbox and asked me about this. Get your custom stuffed animal that looks like your pet at if you havnt. Highly recommended!! #FYI #notapaidadvertisment Instagram @rokuthecat 4,660

The "tomorrow is monday!?" look. Instagram @rokuthecat 562

Double trouble Instagram @rokuthecat 3,026

Watching telly, that's what's up. Instagram @rokuthecat 2,229

Sunday, straight chillin' Instagram @rokuthecat 4,650

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