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I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur. I eat rainbows and poop butterflies. Wife = @hachithecat Dad's blog :

Meanwhile in dad's office this morning .. Instagram @rokuthecat 2,549

Instagram @rokuthecat 4,720

It's 3am in Thailand. Dad's still working. Me? Not so much 🙄 Instagram @rokuthecat 2,336

Take kicks dad, I'll keep the box, thank you very much! #NMD Instagram @rokuthecat 5,536

Ok I'm ready, you can start drawing now. #drawmelikeoneofyourfrenchgirls Instagram @rokuthecat 2,400

Loaf of cat Instagram @rokuthecat 4,714

Good morning from Thailand human Instagram @rokuthecat 285

I'm gonna be a teddy bear today Instagram @rokuthecat 3,715

Come back to work dad. You no go away! Instagram @rokuthecat 3,088

Dad's here. Should we move and let him work or just pretend we are ninjas? 👥 Instagram @rokuthecat 619

Dadddd! Don't do that! Instagram @rokuthecat 3,245

Dad's bike - our gossip table Instagram @rokuthecat 2,290

Come on down son. Its nap-pa-dee-nap time! Instagram @rokuthecat 1,796

Good night to you all, yes that's you ️ #leica #mp240 #noctilux Instagram @rokuthecat 315

Hmmmmkayyyyyy!! Instagram @rokuthecat 98

Yes darling? Instagram @rokuthecat 1,072

Hiding in dad's office #ninja Instagram @rokuthecat 1,527

Think table and you'll become table. Instagram @rokuthecat 1,134

Your tail is safe with me dad 🏽 Instagram @rokuthecat 907

Take it. That's how I say I love you. Happy Valentine's day everyone Instagram @rokuthecat 4,398

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