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I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur. I eat rainbows and poop butterflies. Wife = @hachithecat Dad's blog :

Me and my human @sixtysix #throwbacksaturday Instagram @rokuthecat 4,330

Wot it's saturday!! Instagram @rokuthecat 4,236

I am da best hand warmer evaaaaaa Instagram @rokuthecat 4,560

My fav sleeping spot .... dad's desk. Instagram @rokuthecat 4,138

Footlicious! Instagram @rokuthecat 5,841

I feel like someone is watching meh Instagram @rokuthecat 2,088

That's right son, keep going. Instagram @rokuthecat 3,060

Sorting out my eye poo Instagram @rokuthecat 4,257

Dad's back!! Instagram @rokuthecat 6,291

Weekend vibe. Instagram @rokuthecat 2,574

Monday vibe 😕 Instagram @rokuthecat 5,013

My parents are back from Japan!! Instagram @rokuthecat 4,964

Missing mum & dad, they are in Japan 😕 Instagram @rokuthecat 4,698

Hold still dad, let me check your heart rate. Who needs a doctor when you have me! Instagram @rokuthecat 566

1-2-3-4-5-6 visiting grandma this weekend Instagram @rokuthecat 5,646

Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Instagram @rokuthecat 2,021

Your mouse, my pillow Instagram @rokuthecat 6,136

Being a ninja. You can't see me. Instagram @rokuthecat 4,057

Helpppppp my back is stuck to my son Instagram @rokuthecat 1,636

You got any #Beme codes dad? Instagram @rokuthecat 3,442

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