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I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur. I eat rainbows and poop butterflies. Wife = @hachithecat Dad's blog :

Definitely my grandson Instagram @rokuthecat 1,627

Nothing much, checking out the birds .. while my clone is chillin' (and before u ask, and I told you before .. get one at 😬) Instagram @rokuthecat 2,631

Jedi power runs in our family. Instagram @rokuthecat 5,353

Work on this dada!! Instagram @rokuthecat 673

W vs M Instagram @rokuthecat 3,227

Saleeppeeeeeeee Instagram @rokuthecat 2,283

Ready to break some hearts Instagram @rokuthecat 5,804

"B____ better have my money!" look. Uh huh. Instagram @rokuthecat 2,251

We support adopting pets, and know that @PetSmart is a trusted partner to pet parents. Bring over your adoption papers and get a free PetSmart adoption kit, which has coupons that will save you money on everything from toys, services, food, and more! It's PetSmart's way of thanking you for adopting! Share this with someone you know who has adopted and change their whole world with love! #adoptlove #sp Instagram @rokuthecat 4,170

Grandchildren's update. Instagram @rokuthecat 5,450

I said nowwwwwwww!! Human rub meh!! It's belly time!! Instagram @rokuthecat 6,337

Is your name on the list? Then, no you can't come up, sorry brah 😬 Instagram @rokuthecat 1,454

Secret Project DSP#01: "Destination Scratch Pole" Instagram @rokuthecat 1,206

You look wayyyy better upside down ... dad. Instagram @rokuthecat 3,847

Stop working dad, go to bed ... don't worry, we've got it covered. Instagram @rokuthecat 4,733

If u hav it, show it Instagram @rokuthecat 2,923

Eww dude, dis you just fart? Your face said you did!! Instagram @rokuthecat 1,818

No one can resist our fluffiness son. Hangin' there. Instagram @rokuthecat 3,529

A puppy? Where, where? Instagram @rokuthecat 1,532

Too slow, son. Instagram @rokuthecat 1,631

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