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I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur. I eat rainbows and poop butterflies. Wife = @hachithecat Dad's blog :

Fridayyyyyyyyyy yayyyyyyy!! Instagram @rokuthecat 3,549

Classy. That's me. Instagram @rokuthecat 4,409

Son, what the hell are you doin'!? Instagram @rokuthecat 2,349

Resist the fluff Instagram @rokuthecat 2,215

Dad's work space = my bed. Instagram @rokuthecat 1,210

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! With love from us and the kids Instagram @rokuthecat 1,477

Have a wonderful weekend everyone Instagram @rokuthecat 1,294

You want some "softballs" with that sir? #WeeklyFluff Instagram @rokuthecat 2,494

Saturday!! Instagram @rokuthecat 3,686

Me and my sidekick @phoenixtheig Instagram @rokuthecat 2,168

Kinda hard to get your work done when everyone is watching! Instagram @rokuthecat 2,902

You can guess from what I'm wearing. Yes, dad's back from Japan!! Instagram @rokuthecat 16,515

Dad is off to #Tokyo - please hangin' there for updates or you can check dad's account for Tokyo updates ️ @sixtysix Instagram @rokuthecat 2,213

Father and son. Instagram @rokuthecat 5,004

Hello, it's me. Instagram @rokuthecat 439

What am I doing here. Ah yes, sleep. Instagram @rokuthecat 1,818

Crossed arms sleeping on my little pillow #thatswhatsup Instagram @rokuthecat 2,798

3 generations. 2 more in the other room. 1 love. 🖖🏽 Instagram @rokuthecat 4,255

My son. #monochrom Instagram @rokuthecat 3,533

Woh? Did you call me bruv? Instagram @rokuthecat 3,291

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