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Met one of the COOLEST FANS EVER today - Kyler. I said "Let me see your muscles buddy" and BAM he flexed! Clearly he's been doing those all important "curls for the girls". Great to meet you buddy and really cool to meet the rest of y'all too. Appreciate all you guys standing in the hot sun just to say hello. #GreatestFansInTheWorld #OnSet #BAYWATCH #CoolKyler #AndSomeBigBrownBaldTattooedMan Instagram ดารา @therock 55,897

HOST EXCLUSIVE! WILL SMITH is our @MTV Generation Award recipient. When I first broke into Hollywood 15yrs ago, all I wanted to do was learn the business and put in the hard work to have a career like his. It's a real privilege to honor you my friend. #StillPuttinInTheWork #BigWillieStyle #MovieAwards #GenerationAward Instagram ดารา @therock 38,623

In the 80's he drove the coolest car on the planet. In the 90's he dominated slo-mo running on the beach with the most successful TV show of all time. And today he's simply The f'n man. Phenomenal day on set with my brotha - the OG himself, David Hasselhoff - the man who started it all. Great dude with a great sense of humor. AND he trained his ass off for our movie.🏾 #RockAndHoff #OnSet #BAYWATCH MAY 2017. Instagram ดารา @therock 176,083

Very smart NEWSWEEK story (link is in my bio) about the correlation between my past days of wrestling in flea markets for $40bucks a match and applying those strategies and experiences to change Hollywood today. It's taken me 15 years of building relationships with CEO's, Hollywood Execs and most important - the people. The people. We have a fundamental ethos at @sevenbucksprod which is "The audience will always come first". Which is what I learned wrestling for pennies in every flea market and barn I scratched and clawed in. God Bless eating at Waffle House 3xs a day. ;) We still have a lot of work to do socially and as always we're a work in progress with room for improvement - but that said its good that our connection is recognized by global media, because at the end of the day, we never want to just "play in the game"... we want to change the way the game is played. Instagram ดารา @therock 109,189

BEST part of my visit to the Pediatric Specialty Ward was surprising Aliya - when I walked in and said "Hi honey" she literally could not have cared less! All she wanted to do was play with her water in the sink. I said hi and she looked around like "Uh who is this big brown, bald man rudely interrupting my playtime and I would like him to leave not now, but right now.." Between all the smiles, laughs and tears it was an awesome visit and again, I appreciate everyone who made the effort to make some very special kids (and parents) so happy. Look forward to doing it again down the road. ~ DJ #TheManNowKnownAsRuiningAliyasPlaytime 🏾 Instagram ดารา @therock 97,757

4:50am. Training starts now. Outwork your competition. #1LeadDog Instagram ดารา @therock 75,653

Ok so when I walked in to surprise Lauren at the Specialty Pediatric Ward she smiled big. BUT, when she told me she LOVES Disney princesses and I told her that I have a new Disney animated musical coming out that introduces a new princess named, "Moana" she smiled huge. THEN, when I told Lauren that she was just like Moana - beautiful, smart, ultra cool and super strong... she had the greatest reaction.. She laughed with a massive smile. Then I told her and guess who's playing the male lead in Moana and is singing sooooooooongs..... she said "who?" I said, "ME!" I'm pretty sure she forced a smile to make Uncle DJ feel good. She was the first kid I saw when I got to the ward and she certainly set the tone for the day. What a smile. Stay strong honey and can't wait for you to see Moana, because you're just like her. ~ DJ Instagram ดารา @therock 128,385

Welcome "Minnie May" to our #BAYWATCH set. I said "Can you sit for our picture?" She literally flopped on her back and made me rub her belly. #HobbsNeedsToMackOnMinnie Instagram ดารา @therock 41,788

Amazing news. You've made the official launch of #ProjectRock a HUGE success. 100% SOLD OUT. Bags are now an instant collectors item. I'm a bag fanatic and wanted to design the "Greatest bag of all time" or #GBOAT. A bad ass bag for the gym, work, school etc. Water resistant, abrasion resistant and pockets on top of pockets baby!;) Think of #ProjectRock as a one of a kind house. The "People's House". And in this house we will provide all the tools you need to chase and achieve greatness. And always have some fun along the way. The first tools were the #GBOAT's. Coming soon will be THE training shoe of all training shoes. Training gear, lifestyle gear and some very cool technology. It all comes in time and you have my word it'll be worth the wait. The next tool #ProjectRock will provide for you to chase your greatness is a lil' something to... wake your ass up.;) Stay tuned and THANK YOU for joining me our #ProjectRock journey. We're just getting started and congratulations if you're now a proud owner of the 100% SOLD OUT #GBOAT. Kinda like finding Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket.🏾 #ProjectRock #ThePeoplesHouse #WakeyWakey Instagram ดารา @therock 3,370

Joi wasn't feeling very well when I surprised her at the Pediatric Specialty Ward. Managed to get a slight smile out of her (🏾) and had a good chat with her father. Hope you guys get to go back home to New Jersey very soon. Stay strong honey ~ DJ Instagram ดารา @therock 5,199

Me and @kevinhart4real had a blast working w/ these two @NBA legends Alonzo Mourning and Muggsy Bogues for our @EPSN spot. I think Muggsy can whup Kev's ass. #CentralIntelligence #GlobalPressDay Instagram ดารา @therock 107,269

Workin' hard on this Sunday with my ace @kevinhart4real, who's 3 seconds away from an ass whuppin'.. #CentralIntelligence #GlobalPressDay Instagram ดารา @therock 143,603

Funny how things come back full circle. When I was 14 me and family were evicted from our 1 bedroom efficiency and forced to leave the state of Hawaii. At that time I made a promise to myself to do everything I could to work extremely hard to make sure we never see another eviction notice again. The only action I could take as a 14yr old punk kid was go straight to the YMCA and hit the iron. At that time all my heroes were big strong dudes who were successful - Eastwood, Arnold, NFL players and Pro Wrestling icons. That's why it was so cool for me to go back to the YMCA this past week, train like an animal and remember where it all started for me. Funny thing I realized as I was training that I still wake up every morning at 4am to train with the mindset that "the wolf is always scratchin' at my door" and that f*cker is delivering another eviction notice. One day I'll get the proper psychiatric therapy I need ;), but until then let's always be hungry, humble and always be the hardest workers in the room. #WolfIsAlwaysScratchin #ButNotAt4am #YMCA Instagram ดารา @therock 19,342

Hi five'n lil' Charleigh here when I surprised her at the Pediatric Specialty Ward was awesome. Managed to get this beauty to smile by repeating the hi five game over and over and over again. I think I enjoyed the game more than she did. She's a very tough and special lil' gal. Stay strong honey ~ DJ. Instagram ดารา @therock 109,503

GQ COVER. Handled and done. Appreciate the great crew and everyone working long hours on this Saturday to make this shoot a success. @gavinbondphotography you brilliant bastard! Great to shoot with you again. Thank you to my dope and talented #TeamRock @misssolow @mercbeauty @robertmatadesigns for making me look sharp and that I actually bathe. And to my GQ family. Thank you for the honor of allowing my mocha mug and inked up pecs to grace your cover for a second time. As always, I had a blast and look forward to doing it again down the road. #GQCover #MyCowboySmile #CentralIntelligencePressCampaign #KickingOff Instagram ดารา @therock 74,496

Me and best friend @kevinhart4real can't wait to host the @MTV #MovieAwards! We may bicker, but I'm always right. #HulkSmashesAntBitches APRIL 10th. Instagram ดารา @therock 60,083

Had to stop my workout for 10min to meet some incredibly strong survivors. THANK YOU Elaine, Tibby, Kathy, Cathy and Leah for sharing your stories with me. And thank you for letting me share your quote with the world... You can live 3 weeks without food 3 days without water 3 minutes without oxygen But only 3 seconds w out hope. Stay strong guys and keep inspiring all those around you and defying the odds. ~ DJ Ps - to anyone reading this and contemplating coming up and interrupting my workout. Don't do it. I hate that. Kindly just pass me on by or I will rip your face off. Have a nice day. Instagram ดารา @therock 4,070

Me: "Look like a beach bad ass for the picture." Hobbs: "You didn't cast me in #BAYWATCH so go f*ck yourself." Instagram ดารา @therock 239,289

#TBT My first day ever of acting shooting "The Mummy Returns". Middle of the Sahara Desert. 115+ degrees. The entire first 10min of the movie was based on my character named The Scorpion King, so no pressure... I was told "don't use ice in your drinks when you go over there". Of course like a know it all idiot in my 20's, the first thing I do when I land is ask for ice in my soda. Woke up the next day - my first day of shooting and was as sick as a mangy junkyard dog. I was so sick I literally had things coming out of my body I could not identify, nor have I ever seen since. Just let that fun visual sink in... Went to set and powered thru. In between the action sequences, the crew would have to cover me in blankets because I was shivering cold - and again, we were in the middle of the f*cking Sahara Desert. I remember thinking to myself while covered up in blankets, "Wow my very first movie and I'm gonna kick the bucket in the middle of the desert. Great job DJ." Director Stephen Summers came over and asked if he should call a helicopter to transport me to the hospital. I said "Nah, let's shoot". We got the shots we needed that day to successfully tell the movie's story. And the ironic part of that crazy day in the desert of me pushing thru my pain (which could've easily gone horribly wrong;), was little to my knowledge - a few days later Universal Studios watched the footage from that day (Ron Meyer, Stacey Snider, Kevin Misher and Scott Stuber) and said "We should make a movie based off of Rock's character, The Scorpion King." That's exactly what we did. Got lucky, the movie broke box office records and it launched my career. Push thru your pain, 'cause sometimes there's great success on the other side. Even if you can't identify what's exiting your body. Fun. Instagram ดารา @therock 195,489

Our EXCLUSIVE NEW trailer of the dynamic duo #JasonBourneInJorts (me) and #TheChocolateGoogle (@KevinHart4Real) saving the world. Enjoy.. @CentralIntelligence JUNE 17th Instagram ดารา @therock 127,166

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