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Lawrence Wong

a cat's life. men's folio ambassador. twitter/snapchat: ohohlawrence facebook: lawrencewongofficialpage

loneliness is a condition i struggle with my whole life but, never boring. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 4,292

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go watch if you haven't! 🎟 Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,693

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#RCMemories | #RCKL Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 5,143

thrilled to be the first in the whole of southeast asia to receive a Tag Heuer Connected watch. it's so incredibly light and well-made! thank you #tagheuer! more exciting news ahead. #tagheuerconnected | #DontCrackUnderPressure Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 5,130

i never post articles of myself here. not my style. but perhaps this will make you go watch "In The Room" this weekend? Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,882

men's uno sept'15 cover story. #LWmagazineshoots | #LWmediacoverage Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 112

filming my new movie overseas, and it's been very busy everyday! eating times are abit off due to the busy schedule but I choose to take BRAND’S all-natural supplement with Sesamin and Schisandra Extract to protect my liver from the potential toxins every day. it protects me against the toxin caused by the environmental pollutions when I'm filming outdoor, and when I could not maintain a balanced diet and get sufficient sleep. #sp Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 542

it's a wrap for my first china movie! time to head home. 🏻️ Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,400

love waking up to good skin everyday (and of course, @ohohcoconut ). credits to dr jonathan yong for my #betterskin through his signature $50 all-skin-laser. find out more @drjyong! #nakedface Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,714

minion getting fat. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,597

L'Officiel sept'15. #LWmagazineshoots | #LWmediacoverage Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 2,535

too beautiful to look at. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 1,611

so I wait for you like a lonely house till you will see me again and live in me. till then my windows ache. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,312

no amount of guilt can solve the past; no amount of anxiety can change the future. Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,132

Instagram ดารา @ohohlawrence 3,021

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