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Ginny is Jack Russell from the UK, a connoisseur of naps & treats & an expert in hugs. Support your local animal shelters & ADOPT, don't shop!

Ginny turned into a unicorn during her bath yesterday. Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,718

"Oh, you don't like it that I'm drying off on your seat? Should've thought about this before you bathed me then." Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,020

"I can't even look at you right now human." Instagram @ginny_jrt 8,302

Still got a few more hours until it's Monday again, and Ginny plans on spending those hours doing nothing at all because she does that best. Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,601

Brace yourself Ginny, bath time is coming. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,870

Ginny's inspired by @drdre for this picture. #StraightOutta bed and already back to sleep. #napalldaysleepallnight Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,370

Ginny can't figure out how I knew she'd buried her treat in a pile of dirt... Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,196

"You okay down there human? I would let you have this seat... but I got here first so you'll just have to get comfy on the ground." Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,741

Ginny could be watching the sunset... but she's pretty sure she can smell a BBQ so her interest is in that at the moment. #priorities Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,600

"Well, this is my tent now human. I could give you a blanket to lay on outside instead if you want." Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,257

Ginny's having great fun camping, she's really become one with nature... and by that I mean she's been digging everywhere and stealing sticks from other dogs. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,331

"I don't know what camping is human, but I've seen all the food you've packed to take and I want some of it, so I'm coming with you." (I'm going to try and post Ginny's camping adventures to snapchat, so if you'd like to see photos of Ginny sleeping in a tent instead of on a sofa then add me on snapchat! Snapchat username: chessyhope) Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,606

This is a repost from @ss.rescueon who is currently running an online auction to help some great animal rescue organisations. For info/details on the auction and how to enter/donate/help these rescue organisations check out the info from @ss.rescueon below ️ ・・・ "Help A Paw Online Auction Two WONDERFUL animal rescue organizations I volunteer closely with are in dire need of funds, and with YOUR help/participation, I can help them! The Meriden Humane Society is a no-kill animal rescue/shelter organization with an active 501(c)(3) status in CT. Aside from the list of supplies that are ALWAYS much needed, they house 60+ animals in their facility at all times and commit to providing them with utmost care. Therefore, vet bills are sky rocketing and they rely solely on donations from supporters as they are not government funded. Super Paws Rescue, Inc. is also a no-kill animal rescue organization in CT with an active 501(c)(3) status undergoing a major project, “Build For A Paws” with the mission to establish a quality kennel facility by Fall, to house their rescues. For this project, a site has already been chosen and now $20K+ in donations are much needed. This will make it easier for potential adopters to meet animals, the trainer to work with the animals that need more help, allow animals to be tested immediately with kids/cats/dogs, and keep them all cared for around the clock in a controlled, stress-free environment. As Photographer & Spokesperson for MHS and dedicated volunteer for SPRI, I have a goal of raising $750+ in funds which can be split among both organizations. The auction will stay active from August 4, 2015 through August 9, 2015. Highest bidders will be contacted August 10, 2015 to complete their payment at PLEASE TAG FRIENDS BELOW, SHARE THIS POST, PARTICIPATE IN THE AUCTION, AND/OR CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION AT THE YOUCARING PAGE MENTIONED. ANY AND ALL SUPPORT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. (I will be sure to post proof of donations after the auction)." Instagram @ginny_jrt 1,553

Ginny isn't just about bacon treats, Ginny gave peas a chance and it turned out that she reeeeally likes them. Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,338

I'm pretty sure Ginny's almost permanently in "do not disturb" mode. Instagram @ginny_jrt 1,182

Ginny reeeeeally likes to soak up the sunshine. ️😴 Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,126

"My human's been lazy today, so I'm going to shred the fuzz off of this tennis ball so she has something to clean up. I'm so thoughtful." Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,609

"Human help, the tennis ball is all the way down there and I'm all the way up here!" Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,357

4 days until it's the weekend again. That's 96 hours that Ginny will spend napping, just to make sure she's prepared and well rested enough for a lazy weekend ahead. The snug life is hard. Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,967

After a full on day of doing nothing Ginny likes to relax with a good magazine full of pictures of dogs for her to look at. Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,167

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