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Ginny is Jack Russell from the UK, a connoisseur of naps & treats & an expert in hugs. Support your local animal shelters & ADOPT, don't shop!

A big thank you to @wanderinglaur for this adorable drawing of Ginny! Love how you captured her slight head tilt! Instagram @ginny_jrt 2,989

A big thank you to @lacstudio for this great drawing of Ginny rocking her bow tie! Instagram @ginny_jrt 2,747

Keepin' it real snuggly today. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,493

"You think this sofa belongs to you!? Hahaha, human you crack me up. Half of the sofa is for me, the other half is for Ginny Jr. You could sit in the middle... but you'd cramp our style." -- (The great team at @cuddleclones have increased Ginny's coupon code to 15% off until the 30th of August! So if you would like to clone your pet you can use the code GINNYJRT on for 15% off of your order ) Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,173

"Do I look like I want to share my tennis balls with you, human?" #theanswerisno Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,234

"I'm just sorry you'll never be able to look this good, human." # Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,814

Ginny's just patiently waiting for someone to drop some food. There's a reason why Ginny's nicknamed "The Food Vacuum". Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,096

"Yeah, that's right human, I got myself a set of new wheels. Chasing pigeons is going to be so much easier now." Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,485

"HUMAAAAN STOP THIS!" Instagram @ginny_jrt 8,701

The Dog With The Pearl Earring. #art #beauty #fineart Instagram @ginny_jrt 2,484

Check out to see/support the shelters taking part in this event. #adoptdontshop Instagram @ginny_jrt 1,290

"When your human isn't hand feeding you treats then you can use their hand as a pillow." #lifelessonswithginny #themoreyouknow Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,799

"Bath me, brush my fur, do what you want human. I got grass clippings all over the house and your bed; I've already won." Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,675

Judging from the stink eye she's giving me and her determination to not move from this spot on the sofa, I guess Ginny still hasn't forgiven me for making her go outside in the rain earlier. Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,296

This little one is not at all happy with me for taking her for a walk in the rain. She'll ignore me now until I apologise with treats. Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,621

Nothing will get in Ginny's way when she thinks she hears food being prepared. She likes to be as close to the kitchen as possible, just so she can be there if anything delicious falls off of the table and onto the floor. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,469

Professional Snuggler Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,281

"Unless you've got food for me human you can talk to the paw." Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,483

Ginny had the film and the popcorn ready, but the power of a nap got to her instead 😴 It happens to the best of us. Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,535

Ginny is all over this months pawpost, it's got some of her favourite treats in there and a new toy for her to carry around the house until I play fetch with her. Thank you so much @pawposting for Ginny's box of goodies and for helping animals in need Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,508

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