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Ginny is Jack Russell from the UK, a connoisseur of naps & treats & an expert in hugs. Support your local animal shelters & ADOPT, don't shop!

The weather's finally good enough for Ginny to get out there and bark at pigeons and her own shadow! Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,452

Ginny wasn't happy that I woke her up before her breakfast was ready. Instagram @ginny_jrt 2,566

The "tomorrow is Monday" face. Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,230

#Twinning? Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,733

The snuggliest little bug in the snuggliest rug. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,007

"I woke up from my nap to stare you down until you share that pizza, you'd better make this worthwhile for me." # Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,272

"fyi human, this is my head massager now." #GinnyLive Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,255

Happy Friday friends! Ginny's been chilling out in this spot on the sofa for a while now, she's just getting ready for a crazy weekend of sleeping and eating. I did have to rearrange the cushions to maintain her ladylike image for this picture though. Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,335

Being such a style icon means Ginny likes to get her chilly weather outfits ready nice and early. She made sure Ginny Jr was looking good too. Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,946

While the real Ginny is busy at her food bowl eating, Ginny Jr here keeps Ginny's seat warm for her. That's what besties are for -- (If you'd like to clone your pet with @cuddleclones then check out the link in our bio or use the code GINNYJRT on for 10% off. A portion of each Cuddle Clone purchased goes to pet-related causes to help our furry friends get the care and love they deserve.) Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,307

Autumn is nearly here, this means Ginny will be going into burrito mode with her blankets a lot more often. #snuggleup Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,552

Ginny's working hard at hardly working. #snuglifeforlife Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,093

"Uhhhh, nah human, I didn't feel like going for a walkies anyway." Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,394

"I don't need a haircut human, you just need to realise that this hairstyle of mine is perfection." Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,451

It took Ginny a bit longer than she expected to arrange her pillows into the comfiest way possible to snooze on. After all that hard work she's really tired now. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,271

"You can't pick me up and move me from this spot, human. Don't touch what you can't afford. This booty is staying put." Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,162

Ginny's rocking a scruffy beard today. Only the classiest ladies have scruffy beards. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,311

Ginny's clearly having the time of her life!! #bathtimefuntime #maybenot Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,988

Ginny was very proud of herself for barking at some ducks that were minding their own business by the lake. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,148

Ginny has mastered the fine art of the #fatdogsit Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,892

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