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Ginny is Jack Russell from the UK, a connoisseur of naps & treats & an expert in hugs. Support your local animal shelters & ADOPT, don't shop!

Keep your friends close and your tennis balls closer. Instagram @ginny_jrt 9,647

She's such a style icon. Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,842

Ginny often demonstrates the burrito snuggling technique (which is where she wraps herself in a blanket burrito style to snooze) but today she's demonstrating the sandwich snuggling technique, this is where she puts herself between 2 pillows to snooze. Ginny is a snuggling pro. Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,382

Ginny can balance on one paw while she holds a tennis ball for an entire 0.03 seconds! That's gotta be some sort of record... right? Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,320

G'night Instagram, see you all tomorrow. Ginny's having sweet dreams (For more amazing and totally fantastic art like this you can follow me on snapchat, I post a lot of Ginny on there. Snapchat username: chessyhope) Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,978

Ginny's a total little scruffball usually, but sometimes her fur can be tamed, and when it can be she experiments with a lot of different furstyles 🏻 Instagram @ginny_jrt 8,021

Ginny's skills include eating 2 treats in under 2 seconds, chasing pigeons away, snoring louder than any person I know and finding a way to sleep right in the middle of any bed. What definitely isn't one of Ginny's skills is being able to catch a tennis ball. Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,068

She may have spent the day napping and eating, but Ginny was still dressed to impress for her lazy day. She's teaching Ginny Jr some style tips too. #twinning 🏻 (If you'd like to get a @cuddleclones of your pet then you can use the code GINNYJRT for 10% off at!) Instagram @ginny_jrt 8,109

"Human you need to step your game up if you're ever going to look as cool as I do." Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,477

If they handed awards out for being a snuggly little snuggle bug then Ginny would definitely win one. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,390

Ginny has 2 big bowls of fresh water to drink from, but noooo, she's too good for them, she likes to drink from a glass instead. Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,850

"My human takes photos of her food all the time so I'm just seeing what all the fuss is about." Instagram @ginny_jrt 7,765

Our wonderful and hilarious friend @petertheschnauz asked to see Ginny's #noseprint, and here it is! Ginny likes to get up close and demand attention from anyone. Thank you for tagging us @petertheschnauz ️ We're tagging all humans that see this and want to share their furbabies #noseprint too! Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,208

Ginny's making sure she keeps cool while she looks cool. It's tough being a lady of leisure, but Ginny does it well. Happy Friday, friends! Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,348

Ginny wants to know why she hasn't been asked to model for @voguemagazine yet? Instagram @ginny_jrt 8,096

Don't think Ginny's too happy that she's got to share her pool here. That rubber ducky won't be there for much longer... Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,862

If you take a good look on the left of this picture you can see where Ginny's been drooling in her sleep. She's such a lady. #soladylike #napalldaysleepallnight Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,203

More gifts from the wonderful @tylerdiggy Thank you so much for the bow tie, Pinterest shirt, pinterest specs and lovely note. Definitely made our day... and let's face it Ginny totally rocks the shirt/glasses look Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,470

For a dog that sometimes farts so loudly in her sleep she wakes herself up, Ginny sure can pull off a classy look 🏻 (A huge thank you to our wonderful friend @tylerdiggy for the wonderful bow tie Ginny's wearing here ️) Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,544

Ginny goes into treat comas a lot, but she also has treat rushes too, and that's when the excitement of being given a treat is too much for Ginny to handle, so she flips out for a bit until she eventually crashes on the sofa like this. She's my little weirdo. Instagram @ginny_jrt 3,922

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