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Ginny is Jack Russell from the UK, a connoisseur of naps & treats & an expert in hugs. Support your local animal shelters & ADOPT, don't shop!

Ginny's Tip of The Day: Instead of patiently sitting in front of your human and waiting for her to give you the treat in her hand, run right into her and knock the treat out of her hand instead. Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,612

When selecting a hat to wear make sure it's big enough to store your treats underneath it, so you can look snazzy while keeping your snacks safe. #AmazingFashionAdviceFromGinny Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,664

Ginny's fully charged and ready to enjoy her weekend Happy Friday, everyone! Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,471

Looking snazzy while staying snuggly. #StyleIcons Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,797

Ginny went on a serious stick rescue mission this evening, her bestest best friend Missi was there for moral support... and to cover everything in drool #GinnyLive Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,883

Ginny's hairstyle today is brought to you by car surfing and refusing to let me anywhere near her with a brush. Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,724

"2 treats and this seat can be yours, human. I'll be kind and let you sit in my bed on the floor until you're ready to give me the treats." Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,434

#Repost @rescuedogsrocknyc ・・・ This is Reese's puff. Honestly, I've held off posting him because he is my favorite!! Shhhh, don't tell the others. He loves to snuggle and gives the sweetest puppy kisses. He's one of the bigger puppies of the group. If you are looking for a mellow guy, he's it! Get your app in now. He will be ready to go on 2 weeks. Follow: @joeserpico #rescuedogsrocknyc #nyc #adoptdontshop #cute #dog #newyorkcity #puppy #newyork #manhattan #love #puppies #ny #barkbox #adopt #rescue #brooklyn #queens #bronx #longisland #dogsofnyc #rdrnyc #like #follow #statenisland Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,472

It'll be Mother's Day in the UK soon but Ginny thinks it should be "Ginny's Day" instead, as if every day isn't Ginny's Day already. She wants to be treated like a Queen with The British Rose by @TheBodyShopUK... I think it may take me a while to explain The British Rose collection is only for human Mums. Sorry Ginny. #TreatMumLikeAQueen Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,986

Throwback to when Ginny was last at the Oscars. Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,380

There's a game I like to play called "Is Ginny yawning, or laughing because she kicked me out of my seat and now I'm on the floor?" -- What do you guys think? #😴or😈 Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,343

Monday face 😛 Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,477

"I actually called dibs on this entire sofa, so you should probably find somewhere else to sit." Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,987

"I actually called dibs on this entire sofa, so you should probably find somewhere else to sit." Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,987

Perfecting the art of napping takes a lot of hard work, but Ginny isn't a quitter, she's going to practice until her naps are on point, even if it means she has to nap all day every day; Ginny is dedicated and ready 😴 Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,794

She was a skater pup, with a very chunky butt... Instagram @ginny_jrt 5,654

After a busy week of working hard at hardly working, Ginny likes to unwind with a good book and a nap... except she couldn't decide between the two so she's napping with a good book. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,248

The Queen of comfort, snoozing and eating wishes you all a happy Friday and a great weekend! Instagram @ginny_jrt 4,620

I told Ginny I respect her beard, but if she's going to be a classy lady she's going to have to stop eating mud and getting her beard covered in mud... she wasn't too happy about this. Instagram @ginny_jrt 2,066

Ginny's tip of the day: Hide under a blanket so the humans can't see you watching them eat. Drooling is optional but the humans may see that. Instagram @ginny_jrt 6,429

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