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Meet our dogs:-Cricket (Golden) Noodle the poodle (Giant poodle) and Paddington Bear (Maremma/Golden mix) Hope they make you smile!

Saturday morning sleep-ins at our house means you have to have matching sleeping styles! Instagram @fozzcook 762

Ok, ok, on the count of 3 lets see if your head fits in my mouth! Yup, yup! It fits alright! how cute are these tiny pups of my brother and sister in laws @trixieserasi Instagram @fozzcook 858

Someone's a birthday boy today!!! Cricket is 4️⃣ today!! Happy birthday Cricket! Thank-you for always making us smile and overflowing with enthusiasm and love!!!! Instagram @fozzcook 919

@goldengracekelly - Cricket hopes you're having a ball on your birthday today! and if for some reason you are not he has one right here for you! happy birthday Liv! Instagram @fozzcook 966

Here is the cutest little tongue out Tuesday for you all! This video is of my brother and sister in laws golden and one of her adorable puppies @trixieserasi look at those adorable little faces! ️ ( puppy at about 4 week in this video) Instagram @fozzcook 1,756

The sun is shinning, I have a whole basket of tennis balls and I look particularly dapper in my bow tie - life is good!!! Instagram @fozzcook 790

Woke up with Cricket teddy bear'd in my arms! Best snuggly sleep in ever! #theboyknowshowtosnuggle Instagram @fozzcook 965

When you rub Larry's butt he loves it and wiggles from side to side every time! Larry loves a good #taylorswift song to get him going!!! Haha! Instagram @fozzcook 618

Can't see the haters when I have my love glasses on! 🏻️ Instagram @fozzcook 765

Cricket just loves everybody!!! Instagram @fozzcook 993

2 tennis balls in his mouth and looking down at the third My happy little walrus!! Instagram @fozzcook 753

Cricket is sending you all LOVE today! ️ He fell asleep and when he shifted his head, his mouth and nose had created this perfect little love heart!!! ️ Happy Friday Instagram @fozzcook 889

It's so hot here in Los Angeles that I think Cricket is starting to melt! Instagram @fozzcook 594

Tongue out Tuesday is bought you today by Noodle! #tongueouttuesday (Cricket was far too tired from swimming for about 3 hours to produce a tongue. The only thing he could produce was sleepy eyes and some droopy jowls!) Instagram @fozzcook 558

Too much swimming will turn any good golden into a seal! Instagram @fozzcook 827

Everyday they line up for their treats! No one is more excited than Larry - Have a good weekend everybody! #larryandcricket #andNoodle Instagram @fozzcook 559

They say a dog smiles with its whole face....... Well, I thought I'd kick it up a notch and throw in a little pizzazz! ~ Cricket #saycheese Instagram @fozzcook 855

Throw back to when Cricket was a goof ball and would sleep like this.....ok, ok so no much of a throw back, he's still a goof ball and he still sleeps like this! But never the less a throw back all the same! #throwbackthursday Instagram @fozzcook 943

Sticking your tongue out is considered rude...... Then I guess I'm incredibly rude! #canthelpit #itswhoiam #itjustfallsout #tongueouttuesday Instagram @fozzcook 712

Bacon is natures way of making up for Monday's! Bring on the bacon Instagram @fozzcook 969

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