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Famous Niki

I'm the most famous cat in Russia and one of the most famous in the world. And I love you!

Okay! It's weekend! Instagram @famousniki 11

Where is my dinner? Instagram @famousniki 813

Let's go to sleep? Instagram @famousniki 249

Do u like my socks? Instagram @famousniki 1,229

Niki like a real gentleman Instagram @famousniki 1,110

Good night! Instagram @famousniki 932

Me today Instagram @famousniki 947

It's me again Instagram @famousniki 1,068

I give u my heart Instagram @famousniki 644

Stop it Instagram @famousniki 783

Romantic Niki today Instagram @famousniki 434

Smart cat Instagram @famousniki 949

Gym! Instagram @famousniki 278

Guess who is the laziest cat? Instagram @famousniki 458

Sweet Instagram @famousniki 324

Special chocolate present for Niki! Thk u @shokobox @шокобокс Instagram @famousniki 481

What is my mood? Instagram @famousniki 30

What? I am doing nothing Instagram @famousniki 946

I am really happy Instagram @famousniki 907

Everything is all right! Instagram @famousniki 1,147

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