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Famous Niki

I'm the most famous cat in Russia and one of the most famous in the world. And I love you!

Omg! What's this? Instagram @famousniki 723

Before go to sleep Instagram @famousniki 451

Time to sleep Instagram @famousniki 888

Ahrrrr I am just playing Instagram @famousniki 794

Hey - hey! Instagram @famousniki 851

So it's Monday Instagram @famousniki 830

Just hipster Niki Instagram @famousniki 1,101

I wanna hug Instagram @famousniki 184

Afterparty Instagram @famousniki 533

What's there? Is it food for me? Instagram @famousniki 754

Ooooops!)) Instagram @famousniki 1,245

Like a human Instagram @famousniki 253

What's up? 😎 Instagram @famousniki 917

Arhhhh Instagram @famousniki 496

Sweet moment Instagram @famousniki 1,174

Good night!) Instagram @famousniki 84

It's me)) Instagram @famousniki 391

Omg! It's amazing!)) Instagram @famousniki 981

One day it will be milk)) Instagram @famousniki 1,105

Just mimimi Instagram @famousniki 322

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