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Famous Niki

I'm the most famous cat in Russia and one of the most famous in the world. And I love you!

Who is there? Instagram @famousniki 326

It's Friday!!! Instagram @famousniki 1,338

Best cat in the world! Instagram @famousniki 298

Are u tired? Instagram @famousniki 921

But where is my milk? Instagram @famousniki 870

Do u like my hood? Instagram @famousniki 652

And where is my congratulations? Instagram @famousniki 664

lazy Niki Instagram @famousniki 1,248

Do u like to take a shower? Instagram @famousniki 829

Omg! Human! What r u doing? Instagram @famousniki 755

Hey? Instagram @famousniki 1,244

Wonderful moment! Instagram @famousniki 625

What? Instagram @famousniki 539

Good day! Instagram @famousniki 1,243

Funny weekend Instagram @famousniki 71

Who guess my mood? Instagram @famousniki 600

Tired! Give me hugs Instagram @famousniki 669

Serious Niki Instagram @famousniki 1,349

Wanna sleep 💭💭💭 Instagram @famousniki 1,246

Real love Instagram @famousniki 885

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