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Famous Niki

I'm the most famous cat in Russia and one of the most famous in the world. And I love you!

I am not angel Instagram @famousniki 1,346

Hm & what r u going to post to Instagram? Instagram @famousniki 1,784

Funny day Instagram @famousniki 550

Gym #mybestphoto Instagram @famousniki 505

I am a pirat Niki! ️ ahrrrrrr Instagram @famousniki 407

I am a trandy cat#mybestphoto Instagram @famousniki 2

Playing with water Instagram @famousniki 1,200

I am so cute #mybestphoto Instagram @famousniki 1,494

Take a shower 🚿 Instagram @famousniki 2,234

What's this?) #mybestphoto Instagram @famousniki 577

What are u want from me? Instagram @famousniki 1,249

What is it? Sausage? #mybestphoto Instagram @famousniki 1,772

It's a beautiful daaaayyyyy Instagram @famousniki 989

A bit uncomfortable for me! Instagram @famousniki 237

Bathroom procedures Instagram @famousniki 773

Is it a fly? Instagram @famousniki 561

Winter holidays are passing away! Instagram @famousniki 366

Holy cat!!! Instagram @famousniki 923

I love my new house! U like it? Instagram @famousniki 133

I love my mistress! Instagram @famousniki 702

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