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Famous Niki

I'm the most famous cat in Russia and one of the most famous in the world. And I love you!

Behind bolt and bar Instagram @famousniki 318

What? Instagram @famousniki 562

Kiss me Instagram @famousniki 49

Hide and Seek Instagram @famousniki 357

Sorrow Instagram @famousniki 531

How I can sit down Instagram @famousniki 686

Today I have many plan: eat, eat, sleep, eat, play, sleep... Instagram @famousniki 252

I see it... And you?! Instagram @famousniki 608

I'm listening you, people Instagram @famousniki 726

Who is there?! Instagram @famousniki 843

Friday?! Instagram @famousniki 744

It's snowing outside ... Instagram @famousniki 934

I'm watching TV. Bad news( Instagram @famousniki 158

I can stand! Instagram @famousniki 936

I'm listening you Instagram @famousniki 489

I'm resting) and you? Instagram @famousniki 464

Wow! Instagram @famousniki 759

Mmmm? Instagram @famousniki 353

Just Thursday Instagram @famousniki 922

Love Instagram @famousniki 533

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