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Famous Niki

I'm the most famous cat in Russia and one of the most famous in the world. And I love you!

Box is my love Instagram @famousniki 588

Who is here?! Instagram @famousniki 319

I'm a shredder Instagram @famousniki 601

I'm tired Instagram @famousniki 690

Ha-ha, she is calling me... Instagram @famousniki 519

Morning video Instagram @famousniki 600

Morning Instagram @famousniki 577

I touch the sun Instagram @famousniki 332

The best box from Instagram @famousniki 27

The best box from Instagram @famousniki 25

In center Instagram @famousniki 400

Why you don't sleep? Instagram @famousniki 37

Sleep Instagram @famousniki 598

I'm reading Instagram @famousniki 734

I'm watching TV Instagram @famousniki 16

Me sat ICQ App Instagram @famousniki 108

About me... Yes, it's Russian language Instagram @famousniki 457

Wow Instagram @famousniki 823

Do you call me? Instagram @famousniki 358

Tasty Instagram @famousniki 601

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