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#Regardez: Featured in this week's Paris Match Magazine. #Verifiez-le! #Repost @parismatch_magazine @lancomeusa ・・・ #LupitaNyongO, le soleil noir de #Hollywood. Dans les rues de #NewYork, elle ne peut pas faire un pas sans qu’on lui réclame un autographe. En un an, l’actrice oscarisée pour « 12 Years a Slave », son premier rôle, est devenue plus qu’une star. Un véritable phénomène. Ici au 36e étage, devant l’immense baie vitrée d’un penthouse de l’InterContinental, #Lupita domine #TimesSquare. Stoïque, elle garde le sourire malgré le vertige. Une interview à retrouver dans #ParisMatch cette semaine. Photo : @AlexiLubomirskiphoto - cc @lupitanyongo Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 18,057

For International Women’s Day, I am taking a stand for gender equality and I'm joining others to be #NotThere. #IWD2015 Visit: Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 12,246

In loving memory of Patricia Norris, the prolific costume designer of #12YearsASlave. She was a no-nonsense, focused artist who paid great attention to detail. And what a fantastic dry sense of humor she had. Thank you, Patty, for being so fearless for so long. To a life well lived. #Gonebutnotforgotten Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 13,854

Wow, thank you @tarajiphenson for your intagram post. Your work has been a shining example for me. May our paths cross soon so that I might salute you! You, the epitome of your name Taraji: #confidence #desire #expectation #hope. #SwahiliTruths Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 8,428

#MidnightMemory: I learned the word "synchronize" watching this show in Nairobi. #ParkerLewisCantLose #SynchronizeSwatches Definitely wished I had a shirt like that too! Didn't we all??! #90sTV. Oh, and the hairstyle: #Goals2015 Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 2,451

Nothing like roses to celebrate the beauty of life. Thank you to all, near and far who have shared birthday wishes with me - I feel the warmth. And to @lancomeusa for this beautiful bouquet! Here's to another year of adventure and growing out of my own shoes. #LifeIsBeautiful #Pisces #MarchFirstBaby Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 9,536

#Repost @costafrancisco ・・・ Regram @vanityfair @lupitanyongo @calvinklein @chopard Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 10,478

Oscars Prep Timelapse. #ItTakesAVillage. #GlamSquad #Oscars @theacademy @calvinklein @costafransisco @chopard. @dilokritbarose @larryjarahsims @houseoferlanger @deborahlippmann Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 17,731

I just love this imperfect picture of me, winner #EddieRedmayne and @JaredLeto at the #Oscars #VFparty. A guaranteed great time with these two. #latergram #nofilter Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 1,757

That moment when the man with the golden statue makes you feel like an award yourself! A hearty congratulations to Mr. #JKSimmons for the recognition he has received for his work in #Whiplash. Best Supporting Actor #Oscars 2015 @theacademy. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 13,447

That was cool! #Oscars 2015 #DiamondsAndPearls with @CalvinKlein @Chopard @NicholasKirkwood @theacademy Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 8,664

Our stylist Micaela and I are so happy for, and proud of @Common for winning Best Original Song at the #Oscars tonight! @JohnLegend @houseoferlanger @theacademy @calvinklein @chopard Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 9,388

Just introduced my brother to @beyonce. What are sisters for?! @nyongolaflame @VanityFair party #Oscars. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 2,381

Yes, salute to #Prince: Diamonds & Pearls! #Repost @calvinklein @chopard・・・ Liquid beauty. Actress + presenter @lupitanyongo makes an entrance on the #Oscars red carpet in a custom Calvin Klein Collection pearl and ivory beaded dress, designed by Women’s Creative Director @costafrancisco. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 6,111

This year, in our own #selfie. @nyongolaflame #Oscars @TheAcademy. @chopard @CalvinKlein Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 12,051

Channeling my inner Prince(ss) today. Happy #Oscars Day, people! @theacademy Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 8,997

Ok, @cirquedepapier, this is FLY! #AnnaWintor, #NaomiWatts & me. #throwback #fanart Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 9,195

Delighted to be in #Selma company at the @essencemag #BlackWomenInHollywood event. @oprah Regram @carmenejogo Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 13,612

#sneakpeak @essencemag #BlackWomenInHollywood. @chopard Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 13,349

Fond Memories... #Oscars 2014 with my chivalrous brother, @nyongolaflame, teaching him red carpet etiquette. @theacademy Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 3,352

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