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I saw bodies flowing smoother than water: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Backstage with some of the dancers. Thank you for the beautiful work! #YogaBody2015 Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 75

#EricGarner's last words heard 50 years ago. #icantbreathe #FrantzFanon Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 6,244

Solidarity. #blacklivesmatter #millionsmarchnyc Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 21,347

Here's what i had to say at the Massachusetts Conference for Women last week: @masswomen #masswomen Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 11,216

Friend: Hey Lupita, what are you up to today? Wanna hang out?? Me: Hey! Sorry I can't. I am about to speak to 10,000 women at the Massachusetts Conference For Women. Friend: OMFG! So why are you textin me right now? Aren't you nervous??? Me: Of course! But I brought back-up!! #MothersWhoRock @masswomen #masswomen thank you for an unforgettable experience. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 15,900

Flower has a lot to say. I'm proud to translate for her. Hear her here: #NatureIsSpeaking @Flower_CI #Flower Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 6,297

Dinner #homesick Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 14,256

With the legendary #TomMunro. @Glamourmag #GlamourWOTY photo shoot memories Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 11,620

A L'Absolu Rouge tease to warm up this freezy Friday. @lancomeusa #lancome #lancomeusa Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 11,366

#latergram with fellow honoree and new mama #ChelseaClinton and her mama, the only #HillaryClinton @Glamourmag #GlamourWOTY Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 9,133

Monday Morning Meditation: If I ever have trouble listening to my elders, may I at least learn to imitate them. Harry Belafonte's moving acceptance speech for the Humanitarian Award at @theacademy Governor Awards this weekend: Happy @Glamourmag #GlamourWOTY Day! #HarryBelafonte #SidneyPoitier #CinemaHistory. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 1,321

I am honored to be @glamourmag's Woman of The Year. And what a year it has been! I talk about it and way more here: #GlamourWOTY Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 17,482

They weren't trickin'! Hello @theacademy!!! #bestIDcardever Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 13,319

There! I've written my letter to Mayor Dwight Jones in my hope to #SaveShockoe. If you are like me and can't read my handwriting, find the typed version on my Facebook page. Write (type, really) your own letter by using the template at: (Click on the blue "Call on Mayor Dwight Jones and Richmond's City Council) #haveyoursay Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 14,453

So they want to build a baseball stadium over the archeological remains of slavery at #ShockoeBottom. Now, I like stadiums but not when they sit atop a people's heritage! Let's #SaveShockoe by letting Mayor Dwight Jones and Richmond's city council know that we'd very much like to keep the evidence of this history. It's easy: visit and send in your letter supporting the preservation of Shockoe Bottom's historical remains. There is a template letter that you can personalise. (Click on the blue "Call on Mayor Dwight Jones and Richmond's City Council") #showmeyoursandillshowyoumine Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 3,170

Not only did I meet one of my favourite artists tonight, but I also learned she has a new album!!! #Asa #BedOfStone #EarsTinglingWithAnticipation Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 14,942

Geeking out! #SWVII Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 10,765

Downing Street with Rosamund Pike. #GoneGirl found at @theacademy induction. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 21,107

Today Shockoe Bottom is a cultural hot spot in RVA: restaurants, clubs, bars, you name it... But yesterday it was the largest slave-trading district in America, only second to New Orleans. This is a place where history coexists with modernity. But there are those who think history belongs only in books... And some who want to preserve our right to see it... Which are you? #SaveShockoe Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 7,727

What's this place about? #ShockoeBottom Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 4,459

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