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#Repost @nytimes ・・・ @liesltommy, left, @danaiigurira and @lupitanyongo at the @publictheaterny. A few days after arriving at the @yale School of Drama from Kenya in 2009, @lupitanyongo found herself understudying in a professional production of “Eclipsed,” a harrowing play about women in the second Liberian civil war. She never went onstage, but the play stuck with her. So when the artistic director of the @publictheaterny met with her to discuss a return to the stage following her Academy Award-winning screen debut in “12 Years a Slave,” @lupitanyongo happily agreed. “Eclipsed” begins previews next Tuesday reunites @lupitanyongo with @liesltommy and @danaiigurira, two other African women artists who are blending serious theatrical careers with high-profile gigs in the global entertainment complex. @jddittmar photographed the castmates on #nytassignment. Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 4,284

#Team73Questions @voguemagazine, led by the wonderful director #JoeSabia. #latergram #73questions #workoutwednesday #hulahoop @vernonfrancois @dilokritbarose @teamid Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 9,231

And Tech Rehearsals begin! #EclipsedPlay @publictheaterny... Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 2,404

Viola Davis. #Trailblazing at the #Emmys! #HatOff #HandsClapped #BowingDown Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 11,132

I first met Stephen Colbert at the Glamor Women of the Year Awards last year. Less than a year later, I was honored to be his guest in his second week of the @ColbertLateShow. #TalkinNSillyWalkin #latergram Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 11,372

Poster's up and out! #EclipsedPlay #comeseeit @publictheaterny 29th Sep - 29th Nov Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 6,033

#Repost @dilokritbarose #getthelook ・・・ From @voguemagazine cover to real way 🏽️ @lupitanyongo rocked color of the season @lancomeusa Color Design Lipstick in " Fashion Icon" tonight at the @colbertlateshow , the perfect bold statement lipstick that's versatile, you can keep it sheer with one coat for low key drama or layer it 2 coats for more intensity and extra glam with #FemmeFatale edge 🏼 #lupitanyongo #Vogue #Fall15 #Lancome @lancomeofficial Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 13,247

With the talented men behind my @voguemagazine cover. #bts @mertalas @macpiggott #OctoberIssue Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 87

#Thunder and I hit up the @ColbertLateShow to talk about #EclipsedPlay coming soon to the @publictheaterny and some sillier things that will be seen and not mentioned. Catch it tonight at 11:35pm. #forcefriday #stormtrooper Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 1,252

Customary twirl. #bts @voguemagazine #OctoberIssue in @Dior #coutureallday Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 8,557

Who? Us? In Paris? On the street? In Couture? Sure thing, Vogue! @vernonfrancois @voguemagazine #bts Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 14,526

Two years together and @dilokritbarose still says the darnest things to me on set. #manofhilarioussurprises. #makeuplove #bts @voguemagazine #OctoberIssue2016 Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 11,553

#Repost @voguemagazine with @repostapp ・・・ @lupitanyongo found a familiar accessory in the Vogue closet while filming #73questions for us. Click the link in our bio to watch the full video. @thescene @starwars Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 3,808

AAAAAAAAH. At last I can share this secret: my second Vogue cover is out!!! What an honor, joy and THRILL it was to work on this October issue. Thank you to @voguemagazine for hearing me out and making me feel so beautiful. @mertalas @macpiggott I love being in front of your lenses - thank you for bringing out the best of me! #TeamworkisDREAMwork @teamid @vernonfrancois @dilokritbarose @therealplumsykes. #coutureallday More on Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 12,309

#Froshadow of the @hugoboss spring 2016 collection. #thisisboss #nyfw2015 #NYFW Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 3,421

#Repost @vernonfrancois with @repostapp ・・・ Miss @lupitanyongo @ #thisisboss #NYFW #nyc #goodtimes @hugoboss #afrohair #texturedhair #texture #teamwork #curlyhair #updoonafrohair #fun with @bkkahn makeup by @kimbower hair by #vernonfrancois @rndcreatives 🏾🏾🏾 Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 8,483

Me and talented, sweet and funny Jason Wu, the man behind the slick @hugoboss collection. #thisisboss #nyfw2015 Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 9,898

@hugoboss #likeaboss #nyfw2015 Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 9,615

The first @DisneyTheJungleBook trailer is out!!! @jonfavreau Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 5,634

#MondayMeditation: "We recognize, first and foremost, that we're not in a relationship to focus on how well the other person is learning their lessons, but rather to focus on learning our own." -- Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love Instagram ดารา @lupitanyongo 11,437

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