@lupitanyongo : #Repost @nytimes ・・・ @liesltommy, left, @danaiigurira and @lupitanyongo at the @publictheaterny. A few days after arriving at the @yale School of Drama from Kenya in 2009, @lupitanyongo found herself understudying in a professional production of “Eclipsed,” a harrowing play about women in the second Liberian civil war. She never went onstage, but the play stuck with her. So when the artistic director of the @publictheaterny met with her to discuss a return to the stage following her Academy Award-winning screen debut in “12 Years a Slave,” @lupitanyongo happily agreed. “Eclipsed” begins previews next Tuesday reunites @lupitanyongo with @liesltommy and @danaiigurira, two other African women artists who are blending serious theatrical careers with high-profile gigs in the global entertainment complex. @jddittmar photographed the castmates on #nytassignment.
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Lupita Nyong'o

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