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"I can do all things through The One who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

Para sa ating mga blessed few working on Labor Day. 😛 #Blessed #Thankful Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 432

@uabasketball Curry ONE charged by belief. Thanks for the hook-up @migsrocha @titan_22. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 172

Team RJ TOURS for the NEXT5Hoops. Thank you to @jersey_haven & @stancesocks_ph #uncommonthread #stancehoops #stancesocksph @rjtours Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 227

With only a few days remaining, we the whole world are all supporting you Manny. This historical fight will be one for the ages. God is with you! #GoManny Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 161

Hats off to you @whianwamos for stepping up and accepting to be Jade in our lives. Excited to continue and tell our story... #TheRichMansDaughter #TRMD Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 387

Meet the "Russian Mafia" of @360fitclub Ortigas! Hands down to this crazy yet super fun group! #gamespamore #VodkaClassico Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 111

You need to have at least 2 pairs of these. Eye catching & a lot of colors available @the_sneakpeek. #Adidas #Equality #3Stripes Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 269

My view. This is what I worked hard for. #MataasNaKahoy #Batangas Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 358

Ano raw?? #Maruja #TRMD #Hollywood Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 152

Ano raw?? #Maruja #TRMD #Hollywood Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 152

Dahil inuumaga na kami at wala kami magawang mga gungong.. @mysheenahalili Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 289

What could have been? We miss you @therealmarian!! ️ Your safety is our priority. See you soon! - from David @luisalandy & Althea @glaizaredux Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 640

Bonding with this clown today. It's been a crazy week! Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 318

Prove them doubters wrong, MVP!! This is your stage! Let's get that Trophy! @chicagobulls #DerrickRose #SeeRed Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 149

The HEROES of @360fitclub Olympics, part 3. #360Ortigas @ryankananaman #360AmbassaDark Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 224

The HEROES of @360fitclub Olympics, part 2. #360Ortigas @johnkamagalingeh hirap na hirap lang eh!! Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 276

The HEROES of @360fitclub Olympics, part 1. #360Ortigas @yeyeymanalo @nikkimiruiz Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 210

Happening this Saturday, April 18, 2015!! Ang lala nito guyz! Come and support on of our most talented artist in the Industry @glaizaredux! #BabaePower Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 187

Thank you for keeping me strong, mentally and physically @sheenchaaan! Happy 2 years to us coach! A little appreciation for keeping me injury-free. Thank you @patgiron for the hook-up! @adidasph @damianlillard #Lillards #AdidasBasketball Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 331

Congratulations on your new venture bro @thejasonabalos! Thank you for inviting us. #GoldenKingBuffet Soon to Open at no.8 Hobbies Macapagal. #GreatThingsHappenToGoodPeople Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 239

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