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Luis Alandy

"I can do all things through The One who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

#wishlist #basketball #Adidas #Boost Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 166

It's was nice hanging out w/ these 2 goofies @4telier @marcusheywood. Till your next trip cousins! Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 288

#soulsearching #again Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 225

Happy 5th Birthday Diesel Boy! You are my energizer bunny-dog! "The best therapist has fur and four legs" - Unknown Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 191

#reality #havefaith Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 360

It's time to burn those extra holiday pounds! Visit us at @elordewackwack and be back in shape. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 93

Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 353

w/ my nephew Aaron. #BunyiFamilyReunion Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 426

A Masterpiece by @junrobleslana, this movie will offer you something unique and something different that you, the audience will be captured in our world. "Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan" starring @lj_reyes @anthonypfalcon and @luisalandy. Thank you to the entire team for all the patience, the commitment and trust for us to create a great movie. #AninoSaLikodNgBuwan Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 408

Sayawan na!! Ikendeng mo beh!! #NewYear2014 Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 99

Happy New Year!! Dinner w/ the parents at Cafe Havana. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 322

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From, Ady and Diesel Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 314

"Although it's been said, many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you.." #MaligayangPasko #ChristmasDay Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 178

Christmas Party @elordewackwack now on-going. Drop by to have fun and celebrate with us. #elordewackwack #christmasparty Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 57

"There's always gonna part of me that's dirty, But I like that." Pat & Tiffany (Silver Linings Playbook) Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 173

May you have the spirit of Christmas which is Peace️.. The gladness of Christmas which is Hope .. And the heart of Christmas which is Love Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 105

Last night was wicked @ Valkyrie w/ my cousins. @epoybote @4telier Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 301

Happy birthday dinner @iamnoelferrer. See you later, we ordered a little muna. #TitoChef Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 235

in a "DO NOT DISTURB" mode. #AninoSaLikodNgBuwan Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 376

Good to see you last night @juliabarretto. Waaaahhh!! You were just babies before. Haha Regards to Claudia and your mom. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 407

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