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Luis Alandy

"I can do all things through The One who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

Congratulations to the beautiful and elegant winners of Bb. Pilipinas 2015. What a memorable experience!! #BbPilipinas2015 Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 499

Ang pagbabalik tambalan ni Luis at Maruja sa, "The Rich Man's Doggie" ABANGAN. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 329

#tbt "KALAYAAN" movie Directed by @aalixjr Starring Ananda Everingham, Zanjoe Marudo, Luis Alandy w/ Kiki Sugino, Rocky Salumbides, Angeli Bayani. #Throwback #Actor #Cinemalaya Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 420

The Few. The Proud. The Marines. There is no better honor than to die for your country. #Mandirigma #movie #Actor Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 68

"I live and die with my brothers" - Lt. Salcedo in Mandirigma (2015) Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 407

There are no shortcuts. Pay attention to details, and put on the hard work. Seize the Day! #gearupforsummer #get360fit @360fitclub @sheenchaaan Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 217

There are no shortcuts. Pay attention to details, and put on the hard work. Seize the Day! #gearupforsummer #get360fit @360fitclub @sheenchaaan Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 217

Sana everyday ganito ayos ng buhok ko for 6 months. Hahaha Thank you @rij_habibi @empiresalonph for making me look good today & always (sabeh?!).. #newlook #newshow #newlife #newskodai Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 255

Soon. Grateful to be part of this new show and to be working w/ the Queen of GMA Primetime @therealmarian. From the Director of "My Husband's Lover" Dom Zapata, #TheRichMansDaughter #GMAPrimetime Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 401

Thank you also to the very generous @pinkyfernandoramos for making my birthday cake that I shared w/ the kids sa Manila Boystown Complex in Marikina. Sarap po ng cake and cupcakes niyo, salamat po. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 423

I would like to thank my family for going w/ me and @GMAArtistCenter for making this possible to celebrate my post birthday charity event. Thank din sa lahat ng sponsors na tumulong maglagay ng ngiti sa mga bata. Thank you to PEP, and the bloggers who made time to attend the event, and sa UH at Startalk for covering it. #AdyCares #CharityEvent #GMAKapuso Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 0

People watching. #observing Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 184

After a week of hospitalization, he's back! thank you Doc Cris Pineda for taking care of Diesel. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 178

February Salad for the year of the GOAT. #iDIEt Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 228

Let's start working on those summer bodies. Train w/ only the best!! @elordewackwack. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 276

2nd half of the NBA season is ON! #drose #adidas @stancesocks_ph @adidashoops Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 180

Happy Birthday to the best who ever played the game. The Greatest! #MichaelJordan #GOAT #Basketball Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 163

Always keep an open mind in trying something new. #CobraBlood #Snake Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 224

Happy 34th Birthday to my brother @pichapao. You have been doing a wonderful job being a family man. I pray that God will bless you more and bless you w/ good health. Love you bro! Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 190

Picture from Diesel's doctor saying that he'll be fine. Local govt needs to do something about stray dogs. Instagram ดารา @luisalandy 142

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