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Wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! 키스미 여러분 메리 크리스마스! キスミのみなさん メリクリスマス! #christmasday #jesusisthereasonfortheseason #godbless Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 10,374

Season's Greetings! ️☃ I love the holidays^^ So much love in the air :) Don't you agree? Look forward to our first Christmas album in Japan on Dec. 23! Our cover of 'Last Christmas' is also included in the album! 키스미 여러분은 연말을 어떻게 보내실건가요^^ 따뜻하고 아름다운 추억을 많이 만들었으면 좋겠네요! 12월 23일날 발매될 유키스의 첫 크리스마스 앨범도 많이 들어주세요! キスミのみなさんお元気ですか?もうすぐFANCLUB EVENTですね〜キスミに早く会いたいです!今年も一緒にステキなクリスマス思い出を作りましょう!そして12月23日発売されるU-KISSの初の「The Christmas Album」もお楽しみにしてください! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 4,357

Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 5,489

와...정말 오랜만에 이런 추위...-3도! ㄷㄷㄷ 다들 꽁꽁 싸매고 다니세용! It's -3 degrees!! 韓国は今めっちゃ寒い Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 4,464

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Thank you KISSme for all of the birthday wishes! I'm always grateful for having the best fans in the world by my side. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life!!! Love you️ 이제 20대 중반이다!! ㅎㅎ 키스미 덕분에 정말 기억에 남을 생일을 보낼수있었던거같아요! 오늘뿐만 아니라 매일 많은 행복을 줘서 고마워요!! 키스미 사랑해요️ 今日はキスミのみなさんから誕生日お祝いをいっぱいしてもらって本当に幸せでした!またキスミの愛が感じられました!僕はキスミがいるから毎日幸せです。愛してます Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 961

엄마가 끓여준 미역국! 잘먹겠습니다 #25살 #만으로24살 Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 6,913

Birthday cupcakes!!! Thank you Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 5,129

많이 추워졌다ㅜㅜ寒くなってしまったね 키스미 아프면 절대 앙대여 ㅎㅎ キスミかぜ引いちゃったらダメ! Keep warm everyone! It's getting cold in Seoul Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 4,442

ITZ ERIC'S BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Send him lots of love today everyone :) Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 8,347

UKISS X grove Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 5,645

너무 아름답고 사랑스러운 우리 엄마 생일 축하해용!!!! 하늘 만큼 땅 만큼 사랑합니다️ 世界で一番きれいだし本当に愛しい僕のママ〜お誕生日おめでとうございます〜!愛してるよ️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Love you so so much Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 7,456

Thank you so much!! Delicious Let's share :) 내일까지 빼빼로 많이 먹을수있겠당 ㅎㅎ 고마워요️ #pepero #빼빼로 Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 8,002

Who wants a pepero! Watch ASC!!! #페페로 #pepero Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 2,961

흔들렸는데ㅠㅠ느낌있네 ㅎㅎ 揺れちゃったwww My hand shook but made a cool effect don't ya think? Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 5,074

Yummy dim sum! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 3,135

Yummy dim sum! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 3,135

Our boy BAM BAM is joining us today as a guest MC! @bambam1a Watch us live w/ #twice on #ASC real soon^^ Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 2,512

KISSme Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 2,920

Ouch... #happyhalloween Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 1,900

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