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I'm the real Kevin from U-KISS follow me on Twitter @kevinwoo91

おはよー! 굿모닝! G'morning! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 1,084

RP X KERMIN @ ASC! Now! #RP #royalpirates #arirang #afterschoolclub Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 6,929

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNNIE! He might not look like a baby anymore but he's still our baby maknae haha Keep up the good work Jun! 준아~~~ 생일 축하해!!!!!️ 처음 만났을때 애기였는데 어느새 상남자가 되버렸네! 항상 열심히 하는 모습 정말 멋있어 준아! 사랑한다 우리 막내 생일 축하 많이 해주세요!! ジュン〜お誕生日おめでとう! 初めて会ったときはかわいい赤ちゃんみたかったのに今は男のにおいが。。。wwwかっこいいな〜 今日ジュンの誕生日たくさんお祝いしてください! ジュンアサランへ Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 8,334

PEACE!!! ️ Cya on After School Club! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 4,495

-13도!!! 오늘 대박 추운날~ 오늘 같은 날엔 밖에 마니 나가면 안돼요ㅠㅠ 너무 춥지만 따뜻한 하루 보내세요! ソウルはとても寒い〜日本も?寒いけど体に気をつけて今日も頑張りましょう!🖐🖐 Soooo cooooolddddd Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 671

키스미 보고싶다나~~ 완전 추우니까 얼른 따뜻한 침대속으로~~ 아프지마염ㅠㅠ キスミ〜〜会いたい会いたい会いたい! 日本も寒いよね!暖かくして!心配するから😇 Do you miss me? I miss you even more! Btw it's freezing here in Seoul! Stay warm!! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 7,524

키싱투필 개인컷. 마음에 드네 ️ 뮤비도 기대하시랏!! Kissing To Feelの個人カットお気に入りwwww 男らしいケビンはどう? PVもお楽しみにしてください! #UKISS #KissingToFeel #solo #cut Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 1,608

Kissing To Feel #UKISS #japan #new #single 楽しみ! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 5,607

Kissing To Feel #UKISS #japan #new #single Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 5,248

#workout #mode Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 6,527

GOOD MORNING KISSme Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 3,046

키스미가 너무 보고싶다!! 힝ㅠㅠ 새해의 스타트 잘되가나요? 아프면 절대 안돼여~~ 오늘도 마니마니 사랑해용!! キスミに本当に会いたいです〜(T_T)2月まで我慢できるかなーwwwみなさんは今年のスタートはうまく行くかな?一緒に頑張りましょう!大好きーっ KISSme! Miss you guys so much!! How's the new year looking so far! Let's try to fulfill our New Years resolutions haha I know it's hard.. Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 7,129

300k followers!! Thank you 인스타에서도 많은 관심 가져줘서 감사합니다! インスタでたくさん応援してくれてありがとうございます! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 4,979

Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 4,596

#hello2016 # Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 6,481

Happy 20 Jimin!! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 5,527

2015년의 마지막 날! 올해도 함께 해줘서 정말 감사합니다! 여러분 한해 수고하셨습니다~ 2016년엔 모두 건강하고 행복한 일만 가득하길 기도해요^^ 오늘은 누구와 어떻게 보낼 예정이에요? HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! Thank you for all of your support throughout 2015! This year was a very meaningful year full of happiness :) How are you guys gonna spend the last day of the year? ハッピーニューイヤーイブ!2015年はお疲れさまでした!今年もたくさん愛してくれてありがとうございました!一年間キスミとたくさんの思い出を作れてとても幸せです。キスミは今日どんな1日を過ごしますか? #happynewyearseve #goodbye2015 Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 7,347

Good morning world! from Seoul #sunrise #offtomusicvideoshoot #gonnabealongday Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 27

Chillin with my bro Shinjiro @shinjiroatae1126 in #Tokyo AAAのしんじろアニキちょー久しぶりだね! Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 3,194

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭9:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬ Instagram ดารา @kevin_woo1125 5,811

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