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Yogurt The Pirate Dog

Chihuahua/9 years old//Thailand "Only play ig" Contact for work 🏻 direct message me on instagram or

Working day with pet lover by Jerhigh Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,494

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting mama have problem logging in my account lately...But im back!! Miss u all so much ! พรุ้งนี้เค้าจะไป pet expo ที่ศูนย์ประชุมแห่งชาติสิริกิติ์ ถ้าเจอเค้าแวะมาทักกันด้วยน้า แล้วเจอกันค่ะ Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,538

Who want to go for a ride with me? 😎 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,060

Tongue fun day Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,398

Its so hot here wanna go Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,788

" Life is truely reflection of what we allow ourselves to see and be " 👥 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,162

"Mama i need a dog kennel this big at home and that is an order " Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 898

So blend in Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 7

On the way 🚘 super excited Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,789

พรุ้งนี้ใครว่างมาเจอเค้าได้ที่ k.village ตอน 15.30 น นะ happy saturday everyone Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 992

First time swimming n i struggle alot Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 190

So tried Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,608

Swimming time Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,144

Feeling beautiful Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,490

Helpp mee~ Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,034

Stand on two legs is what im good at Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 929

A face we cant resist Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 121

Nahhhhhh monday again Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,483

A " is that watermelon for me? " face Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,025

Thursday happyday 😀 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,814

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