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Yogurt The Pirate Dog

Chihuahua/9 years old//Thailand "Only play ig" Contact for work 🏻 direct message me on instagram or

Hai guys hope you dont forgot me yet Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,103

Walking down the stairs and saw.... ? Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 920

Its nearly easter and i got a message for you all (picture not mine) rmb bunny they not meant to live in cages, they do need your love and time and their cost of living can be expensive pls consider very hard Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 764

I have to apologize you all that i havent post much photo and that it made you guys worry about me but mama has been very busy working on a project which will be done in about two month after that i promise u to come back and post photo more often ️ ต้องขอโทษด้วยนะคะที่ช่วงที่ผ่านมาไม่ได้รับงานและไม่ได้โพสรูปเลยเพราะไม่ว่างเลยจริงๆแต่อีกสองสามเดือนจากนี้คงจะกลับมารับงานได้เหมือนเดิมแน่นอนค่ะ Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 3,276

Never ignore somebody with a disability, you don't realize how much they can inspire you. Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,856

Having so much fun at the park and getting herself dirty 😎 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,744

For ppl who are single and alone on valentine day dont still got me to make you smile Happy valentine yall! #letmebeyourvalentine Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 20

Enjoying head scratch Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,132

Tongue out off control Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 3,056

Im a fat girl Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,363

Sorry for being gone.. our life have been so busy lately but don't worry I'm doing very well I miss u all Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,715

Thank you @littlethingsjewely for sending me this super duper cute ring its look just like me too bad me finger are not big enough or else I will wear it myself ! so cute I nearly eat it Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 934

Me sideways Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 715

my mama draw me as draccula 😈 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,016

my tongue having fun hanging out with me Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,538

Anyone who want use the stairs gotta give me a kiss first Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 4,013

Queen yogurt "kneel down, take my paw and kiss it" Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,134

Super duper long tongue Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,304

The tiger is out exploring the world Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 3,111

Plwez tell me there is a treat in your hand? Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,112

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