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Yogurt The Pirate Dog

Chihuahua/9 years old//Thailand "Only play ig" Contact for work 🏻 direct message me on instagram or

Have a good day! Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 137

Yogurt = weenie dog Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,225

I think purple color suit me Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,330

Have a good day ! Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,095

bear Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 988

Yogurt really dont like getting her nail trim Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,184

Haiiiiii ! How ya all doing ? Miss me ? Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,117

Nothing much just flower on my head Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 639

Playing with her brother Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,494

Get so excited over a piece of bread Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 2,761

Yogurt's reaction when hearing strange noise Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,863

Being fabulous Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 958

Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you cant eat it or play with it, Just pee on it and walk away. 😎 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 31

Me got the most adorable butt Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 596

Fat dog sitting 😧 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,502

Showing off her new outfit Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,537

This is me when i was little not but 😛 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 993

Hello everyone i really like to know which country all my followers came from .... Would u mind telling me? Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,624

Yeppp thats the spot 😛 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,935

My fav place to be Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,318

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