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Yogurt The Pirate Dog

Chihuahua/9 years old//Thailand "Only play ig" Contact for work 🏻 direct message me on instagram or

Coolest dog in town today Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 640

Thank you @neffheadwear for this awesome beanies ️ cant wait till its winter again Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 781

Derp x 4 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 262

Who want to cuddle ? Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,116

BOO! Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,854

Mama got me new pirate shirt ! Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,003

Can i be your Valentine ? Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 546

Happy Saturday yall! Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 679

No caption needed Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,483

Here come the princess Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,226

So hot in red Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 851

super duper sweet Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 749

Derppppppppppppp Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,073

Tongue out buddy Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,030

😴 (️ turn up the volume ) Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 187

Thank you @pawsandclaws_bytp for this fabulous clothes...they even cut this shirt especially for me can u see how much i love it? Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,234

Somebody is getting old Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,784

Mama brought us new beds...guess which one i choose Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,754

Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,482

Good night from Thailand 😴 Instagram @yogurt_thepirate 1,669

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