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I'm a girl & my mustache is better than yours. PO Box 6635 • Minneapolis MN 55406 PudgePants •

Good morning LA! 😴 #acehotel #pudgethecat #catconla Instagram @pudgethecat 3,349

Hugging Pudge after a very well behaved flight to Los Angeles #NationalHugYourCatDay #pudgethecat #catconla @catconla @acehotel Instagram @pudgethecat 4,559

Aww yess, scratches Photo from Pudge's meet and greet at @yegcatfest. Now you can scratch Pudge's chin this Sunday at Pudge's VIP meet and greet at @catconla! Only 50 tickets available. Grab yours: #catconla #meetpudge #pudgethecat #awwyesscratches Instagram @pudgethecat 3,540

It's #NationalDonutDay on Friday! Perfect time to announce this limited edition t-shirt you'll be able to grab only at @catconla this weekend! Grab your tickets 🏻 #pudgethecat #donutpudge #catconla Instagram @pudgethecat 3,802

Pudge is back in her hotel room after a long day at @yegcatfest with this amazing Pudge artwork by @gloho_draws! 🏻 #YEGcatfest #pudgethecat @fairmontmac Instagram @pudgethecat 3,657

Ready for meet and greets! @yegcatfest #YEGcatfest #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 2,999

Pudge's favorite TV host in Edmonton thus far, @mikechalut! Thanks for having Pudge on the show tonight, @dinner_tv #YEGcatfest #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 4,222

Pudge is ready for her closeup on CTV Edmonton! Follow her on Snapchat for behind the scenes shots! 🏻 PudgePants #YEGCatFest #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 2,641

Early morning radio shows Catch Pudge on CTV Edmonton soon! #CBCradio #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 104

Yes, this room service will do. #YEGcatfest #pudgethecat #chocolatesinbed @fairmontmac Instagram @pudgethecat 3,255

Pudge has arrived in Edmonton! @timhortons TimBits in her hotel bed was the first thing she did. #pudgethecat #donutsinbed @fairmontmac Instagram @pudgethecat 3,506

Any flight before noon is too early for Pudge Pudge is on her way to Canada for @yegcatfest!! Follow Pudge on Snapchat for more: PudgePants Instagram @pudgethecat 2,410

Look how excited Pudge is to meet you!!! Yes, this weekend you can meet Pudge at @yegcatfest in Edmonton, Alberta and next weekend you can meet Pudge at @catconla in Los Angeles! Only 50 VIP tickets are available to have a chance to meet Pudge! Find out more through the link in Pudge's bio. Instagram @pudgethecat 4,396

When Pudge smells chicken... #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 5,101

That's a big bag of Pudge buttons! (that Pudge is trying to eat) All ready for you to grab when you meet Pudge at @yegcatfest and @catconla! #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 3,377

Here comes the Pudge do do do dooo #️ #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 3,658

Armrests 😴 #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 1,688

The F is that? #dafuqisthis #dafuqisthat #pugethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 3,060

Monday mornings. 😑🏻😴 #pugethecat #cuddlepudge Instagram @pudgethecat 2,841

Do you want to meet Pudge at @catconla? There are only 50 special VIP passes available to get a chance to pet her, take photos with her, and walk away with some special gifts! (as well as a chance to chat with the @cats_of_instagram team!) Tickets: or through link in bio! Instagram @pudgethecat 2,225

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