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I'm a girl & my mustache is better than yours. PO Box 6635 • Minneapolis MN 55406 PudgePants •

Just out of the bath Don't worry, next comes Pudge's favorite part: the brushing and drying. Watch it on Snapchat. #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 1,948

Calculating attack...... #ohbabyevery #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 3,202

Pudge perch #queenP #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 4,306

Pudge-watch #stachereflections #forthewatch #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 4,694

Mondays 😴 #pudgepod #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 4,050

Pudges face while watching the game of thrones season finale 😟 #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 1,027

The look I get when I ask pudge if she's hungry #breakfasteyes #pudgethecat #pudgeramyun Instagram @pudgethecat 4,457

#savethepudge edit by @alillustralee Instagram @pudgethecat 3,479

Tonight, I placed Pudge on my lap after some turbulence was upsetting her. She settled facing the window with her front paws perched over the armrest. I let her look out the window as we flew 30,000 feet above the Earth — something I've never let her do before since it's so bright up there during the day. (and also rarely something I do on the occasion that turbulence may be upsetting her) She calmly watched the lights on the wing flash and the city lights pass below us. I wondered if she realized what a unique experience it was for a kitty and felt amazed to be able to provide her with such an experience. Instagram @pudgethecat 5,501

Pudge is claiming all of @macchacat's toys. #pudgemeetsmaccha Instagram @pudgethecat 99

#pudgemeetsmaccha Instagram @pudgethecat 2,860

Crashing @macchacat's shark. #pudgemeetsmaccha Instagram @pudgethecat 4,169

Spa time at the @acehotel #acehotel #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 3,001

Winner of the Pudge step and repeat! #catconla Instagram @pudgethecat 1,219

Congrats to @kellykwon1 for winning this pudge poster at @catconla! #catconla Instagram @pudgethecat 3,001

Pudge meets @pusheen! #pudgesheen #catconla @catconla Instagram @pudgethecat 1,704

Pudge meets Jack! #catconla @catconla Instagram @pudgethecat 542

Fish cookies for breakfast, duh. @acehotel #acehotel #pudgethecat #catconla Instagram @pudgethecat 5,027

Just chilling in the VIP lounge at @catconla with @iamthegreatwent #catconla #pudgethecat Instagram @pudgethecat 2,238

Happy #NationalDonutDay! Pudge's favorite day of the year! #pudgethecat #nationaldonutday Instagram @pudgethecat 1,475

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