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popo & momo

Po is human • Mo&No are exotic shorthair

She is mine ~ mo:😕 no: Instagram @pomooooo 422

A cunning cat ~ mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 334

"We smell something good to eat~" mo&no:😕 Instagram @pomooooo 148

mo: Instagram @pomooooo 45

I have a dog~ He doesn't like vegetable!! mo: Instagram @pomooooo 258

They want to go on holiday~ mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 546

man~ mo: Instagram @pomooooo 544

Mo can protect No~ mo:😕 no:😟 Instagram @pomooooo 513

Mo seemed to be angry when I take No's photo!! mo: no:😀 Instagram @pomooooo 215

DIY mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 442

DIY for mo&no~ mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 479

Good night ~ mo&no: Instagram @pomooooo 484

cross-eye mo:😦 no:😶 Instagram @pomooooo 227

Nice~ mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 490

No holds Mo's hand!! Mo is very shy!! mo: no:😀 Instagram @pomooooo 147

Mo can't beat No!! So he can only pretend to be asleep~ mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 172

---------------------------------- mo:😯 no:😟 Instagram @pomooooo 479

DIY for mo&no~ mo:😕 no: Instagram @pomooooo 465

So boring~ mo: Instagram @pomooooo 440

:“Don't hug me!!!!" mo: no: Instagram @pomooooo 326

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